YouTube & Google BAN Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and ICO Ads

YouTube & Google BAN Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and ICO Ads

Today (March 14th) Google updated their TOS announcing they will no longer allow any king of cryptocurrency related advertising on any of their platforms including YouTube. As many of you guys know this is already the case with Facebook and Instagram. What’s next? I discus it in this video.


  1. How does YouTube discern between Crypto and legit blockchain projects? I just saw an Ad for EO before this

  2. CryptoBeeStar

    I just see an ad after you say no more ads, It's a Car ad.

  3. just got advert about crypto before this video started playing

  4. Steve yes Sir

    Yeh I agree

    I hope this blockchain takes off
    Me personally I am.jumping on the dentcoin train toot toot all aboard just buy n hold hold hold and watch it grow

  5. you seem like a very sincere individual with great production quality, good hair and well manicured beard. but the thought in the back of my head is,
    "ahhh well, jordan belfort probably was to."
    so there's quite a bit of apprehension.
    although, im two? three clicks in from the Carlos Matos recap video.
    can you speak italian? I assumed you could and was looking for the italian videos 🙁

  6. Facebook and Google represent the Elites. The Elites oppose cryptos because the Elites own the banks and cryptos threaten the profit of the banks. Cryptos give We The People freedom from control of the banks. The Elite don't like that because they seek to control We The People.

  7. Frostproof Libertarian Proving Ground

    Steemit time.

  8. Gabriel Navarro Ponce

    The banks are afraid of cryptocurrency and to many people are becoming rich and you know that not everyone can be rich. I dont mind paying taxes I do it anyway. And you are right they have other things that advertise in youtube and google that are scams but of course they are ok with them have great day Vincent.

  9. Gabriel Navarro Ponce

    We Humans never learn from our mistakes is like China with his ban to cryptocurrency it will keep going but in the black market, it happen before with the prohibition of alchol and tabaco it will keep going under the radar and bad people will keep getting rich. Great comments like always Vincent.

  10. Modern Crypto

    Can u tell us what u think of Scroll Token? http://Www.Scroll.Network

  11. Steam, Medium, LBC. There are projects out there that are useful.

  12. IHeartCryptoverse

    Will all channels devoted to information about crypto currency become demonetized by these new rules or is this advert related only?

  13. I think they made this move because of BitConnect.

  14. We have a bunch of ETH miners… Any pointers on what else we should be mining?

  15. they become like a cartel

  16. Matt Webite99


  17. crypto beavis


  18. Sign petition to “ Internet Bill of Rights” that would ban censorship at White House page

  19. Bravo Charlie

    No more Craig Grant??? The world is not anymore the way it used to be, no no no

  20. But I see Ico ads and I can run ICO as of now. Will this start from JUNE 2018?

  21. you can switch it up, no problem.

  22. Даниил Стариков

    Best coin TELCOIN! x50 in this year. Free distribution

  23. I love that you wear that sweater regularly, it suits you! I want one now 😛

  24. Luis Velásquez

    I hate the idea of goverments assuming a father´s position, like we have no tools or sense of responsability for our own acts. They prefer to keep us blind to mantain their power as long as they can."Pan y circo" LTC: MKXGQ1TYkV5AwkYHXmLjrDXiGLfybmpwPi

  25. Lawrence Allhands


  26. Man i come to your channel from another youtuber…you can get a more sabscribers jast keep doing what you do…good luck!

  27. Jayron Estrada

    this is bogus

  28. Adrian Aldana

    Good token TELCOIN! 1$ in december 2018. Free distribution

  29. As you were speaking an AD opened up. Maybe not yet

  30. Hasher Peekpower

    Google are just crapping themselves. I started using another search engine now. Eventually we can all move away from youtube too, why not try dtube. we will follow you there. I think its about time ico's slowed a little, they are killing cryptos anyhow. 10% scams are draining the market. This will help cryptos overall in my opinion.

  31. Good move by Google, Facebook etc. too many companies coming out with all kinds of bogus coins which in the long run only makes a mockery of the whole crypto currency environment. Also banning these ads reduces the possibility of Ponzi schemes. On the whole my opinion is that Crypto is already on its way down because the whales are in which means average Joe is likely to lose their cash if they go in. To be honest the whole thing just stinks of desperation at the moment. Some people are gonna get stung real bad. Crypto trading is nothing more than gambling, some will make loads of money some will lose loads of money. Having it as one of your smaller investments to trade is cool but going all in is a very dangerous game. Sorry to be negative but just sharing my opinion even if some especially those invested in crypto might not want to hear it

  32. Hi,
    Did you see any of the several youtube videos about a so called "$5 trillion being injected into cryptocurrencies in May"?

  33. Google can go and stick it where the sun dont shine, what goes around comes around, Karma please pay google and co a visit.

  34. shimanta saha

    Hello Sir,
    Bought some BTCP and Ref token according to your instruction…..
    It would be a great help if you could just give some updates and what should we do with these two???

  35. Charles Rehbein

    Very happy you have your website.. and that is what you are going to need to do for a while. There are a lot of Utubers out there looking for different platforms and most are going to Steemit. In the near future, we will have things like SliverTV, entirely based on crypto, on the blockchain where they won't be able to tell content creators what they can and can't do. Exciting times my friend!! In th long term, the platforms that ban crypto content will be boycotted by us and we will find decentralized ways of communicating. I do a lot on Telegram and Discord right now because I mine coins. 0xccf7b34112b24c6480a52323C6e2Ab5624E91D67

  36. Yes a shock. But not strange. We are in a war against the powers. WE do not have power, only belief and conviction. STAY strong. WE will have power.

  37. Leszek Pilniok

    this is what is called censorship and what andreas antonopolous is talking about all the time – the best solution is to create and enpower alternative blockchain based, censorship resistant plattforms for video streaming, content creating and advertising.

  38. BTCP is 38$

  39. Looks like the blockchain is doing something right to cause fear, uncertainty and doubt. Theres not doubt bitcoin and crypto is heading towards the right direction. It's ironic but this is actually good news. Crypto is making the impact needed and the Steem blockchain will probably make headlines soon.

  40. Does this apply worldwide? I just saw an ICO ad in your video O.o

  41. any news about Axpire ???? it went 25% down

  42. Steve Mascari

    What other channel than youtube can we all use?? We can all choose something else other than youtube and tell everyone on youtube to switch another chanel instead of youtube

  43. Coin market cap should have a video section hosted by a decentralised server. People go to cmc and they will see videos as well.

  44. LBRY??? DTUBE??? THETA??? Other Decentra streaming and vid services?

  45. Sophie Kelder

    Do u think eth will go back up?

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