Word On The Street – What Is Bitcoin EP.4 – With Bert Khongsawat

Word On The Street – What Is Bitcoin EP.4 – With Bert Khongsawat

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We take to the streets to ask what folks think bitcoin is.

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!


  1. Ozzy pub members!!

  2. Thanks Bert! Love that end question. Yen.io oooooooooo 🙌

  3. Dude you went to to poor toens….go to south beach , silicon vally or greenish new york…and ask the ?

  4. Your father was right.

  5. Great video! Good job!!!

  6. This fills me with so much confidence for the future. We are so early in this space!

    Great interviewing skills, not forcing his opinion and being very basic in his questioning. Great video, more like this please.

  7. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ahhhh!

  8. Awesome! 💯congratulations brother

  9. Chris is here for the meth! Other then that.. he likes to surf! 🌊

  10. Two simply questions! That’s all that is needed.

  11. Yeah we in the baby stages…..and I got 3 coins as a dude in his 20s……fuckin to the moon

  12. This is great 😁

  13. This is awesome!!! Great job!!!

  14. Need more man on the street. No go to colleges and see what they say.

  15. I was actually expected worse, most people had somewhat of an idea what Bitcoin is. The man said he could get in once the IMF crashed, man that would be too late!!

  16. Loved this. Great work. Let's hear more about crypto in Australia.

  17. ‘What would it take for you to invest in Bitcoin?”. ‘ Tell me what I will make”. These people aren’t invested in anything or are in “cons”, because that is the only thing that can tell you what you will”make”. Great video Bert

  18. Reminds me of the pedestrian mall in The Alice, or much larger and much nicer.

  19. I'm not surprised at all…last week i talk to a young cinese guy from hong kong that get on my bus…when i asked him "you must know who Satoshi is?"….what is that he said to me….WTF me….

  20. These are the best videos, Going out and asking people about crypto and engaging the public.


  22. Crypto Moon Boys

    Darwin! Used to live there 🙂 Really enjoyed this one.

  23. No one with a brain will openly admit this on screen

  24. Instant like, grest bid

  25. Amazing to witness legit reactions, great clip Bert 🍻🤙🍿❤️

  26. "World currency" I like that kid.

  27. Heavily Armed Clown

    Great job! Good perspective for all of us in the space!

  28. Fascinating video. Mass adoption is a long way away. We are at the very beginning. More use cases will facilitate.

  29. It's about to be 10 years since bitcoin launched and people are still sleeping on cryptocurrencies.

  30. Not a Russian Bot

    Not gonna lie, these people are so far behind it's amazing. Or are we very much ahead? Idk. I'm feeling pretty good about my investments right now.

  31. Damn we truly are early. These people dont even own any or know anyone that does. Plus the fact that they barely know what it is. Theyve got no clue that it can change so many things and has many different use cases.

  32. Questioner: “What is bitcoin?”

    Older couple: “Money without money”

    😂 perfect answer short & sweet

  33. Beautiful set up questions for Yen.io That Peddah guy very smaaaawt

  34. What would it take for you to invest in bitcoin?
    3:57 🤣
    4:18 🤣
    4:42 🤣
    5:20 👍
    7:51 YEN.io pitch starts. 😁

  35. They all sound like they want electroneum!

  36. Xrp baby!!!

  37. low roller scratcher

    They should invest dogecoin if they can't afford to buy Bitcoin

  38. Dc tv australia love it, yeah the boys . Awareness is strong

  39. this truly shows ppl that a lot know about this. At the same time do not understand what they see, and ppl need way more knowledge!!!! we need to teach thous who drink from the cup of knowledge.

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