Why Is Bitcoin Down – 3 Key Reasons

Why Is Bitcoin Down – 3 Key Reasons

Why is Bitcoin Down? Here are 3 key reasons as to why Bitcoin is down.

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Coinigy (Chart I Used)

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  1. Steve and Pauline

    Welcome to the Crypto Crew! Thanks so much for all the overwhelming support, you guys are awesome! My crypto classes have been a HUGE success, would love to welcome you in -learn everything about charts and how to maximize your money in crypto! Links in description😃👊🏻

  2. The bitcoin party is over and the guests are leaving the room!

  3. I'm not trying to be called the Crypto Crew. Just saying….

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  6. Hey Steeeeve….where have you beeeen ?….i missed you….:D

  7. Is day trading bitcoin daily a realistic idea ? I mean we could make $900 a day on day trading ? Am I missing something ? Of course it will be taxed but even so your taxed at like 40% which still leaves a nice chunk to make.

  8. According to those from the future in interviews say bit coin is the main currency..

  9. It's going down do to Bitcoin Private.

  10. Should I buy your class or Tai Lopez's?

  11. Give it 3 to 6 months

  12. Oh look, Tai Lopez disciple

  13. afaik, support and resistance are physchological lines that people are wary of crossing when trading an asset's price. No-one looks at the market cap total, so I don't agree that $500 billian is a "point of resistance", as such. It's just a coincidence that it was significant to you because it's a round number, and divisible by $250 billion that's used as the scale on that particular chart. It's not about "all the stars aligning", but it is true that it will take some time for people to re-enter the market, and in this sense there is a limit to how much capital can be invested in the current period.

  14. Please stop saying crypto crew and if you want people to take you seriously dress like an adult and don't film in a preschool classroom. Best of luck to your channel.

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  16. i'm done listening to youtubers….. later

  17. there's only 1 key reason btc goes up & down… because BIG $ traders are buying & selling huge chucks….
    & it effects all alt coins/companies no matter what great things they are doing…
    until we can buy & sell alt coins without pairing eith btc, eth, bch, usdt…. nothing will make sense

  18. If this guy just uses Moving Avarages and an RSI to trade, i don't think he can teach you much in a class. It takes more than that to trade using chart analysis, why don't you show us an example trade of yours if you so good?

  19. Sorry to say but you only pointed out 1 reason and that is the resistance at 12k, you just said the same thing in 3 different ways…

  20. Such horse shit.

  21. Lots of children in the comment section
    How does that happen anyway

  22. Data dash and crypto99 and udemy also have great info

  23. and dont fogrgot . ETH in 2 years x 1000 from 1 dolalrs ro 1000 dollars.. this cant be contunie same . and we see that now . and i think BTC/ETH=12. its mean you can buy 12 ETH With 1 BTC . i think will be like BTC/ETH =15-20. eth did run very fast and tired now. will rest a little i think .

  24. do you know why bitcoin down ?

    There Millions invest BTC 10-20K fiat. and they sit and wait now and for wait Btc REACH x 10 x20 x50 x100…Before 10k there was not many attention for BTC worldwide . after worldwide attention there millions invest bitcoin ( bcz they did see BTC and other altcoins performence in 2017 btc x15 eth x100 and other alt maybe more ) and they invest for that . But i think 20k was pick point for BTC for fiat and attention . sorry for my english .

  25. I like your videos Steve but relying completely on chart mumbo jumbo is driving with blinders.. Thursday morning and bitcoin is taking the elevator down, currently $9835 and heading for the basement. I predicted this just by noticing that tomorrow is the last Friday of the month and CMI futures close tomorrow. Obviously that "unknown investor" who bought $50 million BTC on Feb. 8th is taking a big dump. Chart that!

  26. i always skip the first 2 minutes ..

  27. We are going down to about 8800 then we break 12k. That’s what I suspect

  28. I have no clue who you are and have never heard of you. Why are you selling classes without giving any real information? There are tons of other channels that give out way better info and free classes. They even show how to read charts and analyze them for free. Also where is Pauline? I scanned through the video to see her perspective. There are enough dudes trying to sell crap on YouTube

  29. Hit up Philakone….no pretense and most importantly his TA and training methods are free!

  30. What about 2014-15??? It corrected for over a year. Why does everyone think we are going back up this year?

  31. Unsubscribed – 12,000 is a value, not "resistance." That value can't "keep us down."

  32. Now that the "paper crypto" market exists in the form of futures, I suggest that any analysis of crypto data is suspect with out including input that takes into consideration what the futures market is doing!!!! In the gold and silver markets governments and big banks determine the movement of silver and gold prices by using paper futures contracts to suppress big movements up in value. It strikes me that the very same thing may be happening in the crypto world. It also appears to me that the Big money in the stock market world wants in on the cryptos and they always find a way to drive down prices so they can buy on the cheap! The big question for me is—What do they consider to be the correct buy in point????? Speculation: Cliff High and his web bot have a big following and the bot's prediction of Bitcoin at 13880 at the end of Feb/mid Mar. Perhaps this 12000 cap is an effort on the part of the "anticrypto" crowd to take down many peoples belief in Cliff's predictions. If successful, the people backing the paper futures wud then have nearly total control of Bitcoin values. Just a thought. Time will tel!

  33. Image 360 Studios

    We know what is keeping Bitcoin down …do we know who?

  34. Great stuff bro.

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  36. Unsubscribed, can't stand being called the crypto crew and listening to same dribble about how successful you are before every video.

  37. Lol nothing real btc is not predictable because it depends on buyers and sellers other all lie

  38. Kerem Sarısakal

    thank you very much mate really helpful

  39. Chart analysis in Crypto is BS. You have eaten your prediction from your own mouth many times.

  40. Nice videos but I have to skip those hudge intro of 3 min…getting to the point of the info…not wasting my time😜

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