Today we discuss why Im not buying Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general despite them being so Hot!
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  1. Financial Education

    Quick Question… Is this the most capitalistic channel on Youtube?!?!

  2. Blockchain4Africa TV

    I see u regretting.

  3. lol it's so funny seeing people who have no clue what the fuck they're talking about arguing with you. Bunch of morons.

  4. The number one rule investing is diversification…… not. “ do not invest things you don’t under stand” …… example….. I don’t understand everything about real estate…… that didn’t stop me from buying a house….. just my two cents worth

  5. Alen Mustlovski

    He didnt bag cryptos he just said he was unsure about it. Why so many dislikes. I personally like cryptos because i see it as a more efficient payment system then paypal. That said i bought at the hype and am paying the price for it so he isnt completely wrong. I still think its early days and the adoption of this stuff has a lot of room. Im still holding it and enjoying the wild of the crypto world.

  6. Joshua Fausset

    I love your position that you don’t invest in what you don’t understand. You should probably just study about coins you are interested in and see if it makes sense to you. The big difference here from dot coms and real estate is what drives cryptos: people don’t trust the state based financial systems. People are moving out of state based financial systems into independent financial systems. That will obviously benefit early adopters of the new financial systems in a way we have not seen with dot coms and real estate. It is a break and shift out of one overarching system of store of value to another. Dot coms and real estate reside within and rely upon broader financial systems. Crypto currencies facilitate a whole new financial system.

  7. So many brain dead zombies disliking

  8. It must suck being broke..


    does anyone who is giving bad reactions about this video still thinking that bitcoin is gonna go to the moon? think twice and do your research about history.

  10. Anthony Fernandez

    People should invest in land. Land wil always increase in price. Land will provide you food, water, safety, long term financial security .

    If you learn how to ACTUALLY FARM, you can turn 1 Acre into 100,000 a year and re-invest it into more land.
    It’s not about being a farmer, it’s about building your estate .
    Castles can’t get built in the cloud.

  11. Moustache Jr.

    Everyone who says it ain't gonna work, didn't do enough research.

  12. Upvoted, because his "no.1 rule" is indeed paramount and cannot be overemphasized. For thr same reason (his no. 1 rule), I am well invested in Bitcoin since a long time, so while I share his no. 1 rule, I decided differently to him gor Bitcoin investment because of this rule, and I agree more with him than with a lucky Bitcoin "investor" (rather "gambler") who just ran blindly after some non-understood trend.

  13. You basically said, "I learned not to invest in technology I don't understand. I don't understand the vision of cryptocurrency, therefore I am not investing."

  14. Shannon Joseph

    Bitcoin kicking some ass this month lol

  15. Your advice made people miss massive profits…

  16. If the majority say you're wrong, then your probably right great move I believe

  17. 3 months later… Are you still not convinced?

  18. Bulls make money, bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered. I agree with your sentiment on this. The best investors can be content with missing opportunities that they werent fully convinced on.

  19. This is ignorant as shit. If you see something doing 1000% in a year, LEARN ABOUT IT. If your rule is "I don't understand so I wont invest" LOOK INTO IT. There are absolutely no investments giving the returns that the big cryptos are at the moment so why in the hell would you spend time learning about other invests that will give 10-20% per year when you could learn about a once in a lifetime investment that could easily pay 100%??? Makes no sense.

  20. Bitcoin is for terrorist

  21. Kevin Hargett

    Your stupid. For short term is great .

  22. Its the same crises tulips in 1960

  23. maximkazhenkov11

    Yep, people have gone insane once again. Guy who tells people to study in depth before investing gets hated for not buying into Bitcoin mania.

  24. I agree with you. Honestly, at this point, the big money has already been made. If you invested in BitCoin 5 years ago, you are the real deal. But now its all speculation.

  25. Now its December and Bitcoin shot up like mad. Did you buy any bitcoin at all when you posted this?

  26. You don't understand housing market.

  27. …. 3 months later…. LOL

  28. liquidgrooves1

    Great advice! Not sure what all the dislikes are about. The realestate analogy was perfect.

  29. You reminded me of the Dragon's Den show. "For that reason, I'm out" 🙂

  30. Freddy Lasthope

    Tech bubble was built on something real. The internet had come of age. The property bubble was built on something real. Houses and land are real and people need them to live in. But the cryptos just arnt real. There is nothing real about them, its a smartphone app fantasy game. And regular people are nowhere near crytos and likely never will be. Its too confusing and there are too many of them. Plus there are sleazebags all over the crypto space like infomercial hucksters. All the wise old heads are warning regular people against them. Yeah, sure, dinosaurs. What is the price built on? Why cant bitcoin be replaced by another coin? If they dont go to zero I will be stunned. I dont care what you call me. Ive got popcorn ready for when it happens though.

  31. Freddy Lasthope

    "Do you remember 1999? (laughs) Probably not".

  32. Youre right but how do you feel now?

  33. Beretta The Lamb!

    Okay, now that your done crying,…. go buy a bitcoin! Lol..

  34. Thomas Broden

    If this guy was a successful investor he wouldn’t be making YouTube videos

  35. You're scared to take risk. The whole point of investing is to take chance in something you don't understand. Warren Buffett said he didn't know what he was doing most the time when investing.

  36. Constantin Luciu

    investors LIKE IT
    speculators DISLIKE IT
    Nobody knows the future , i like your video , is sincere…

  37. Krishan Gupta

    You're dumb

  38. Christopher Quinonez

    i see a vision in digital currency i have an above average level of understanding of the under the hoods belts of whistles of blockchain technology, however I agree in the sense that im not really sure which one will end up overthrowing the rest. so I'm only investing tiny amounts for now, not any more than spare bucks im willing to loose. Great Video Jeremy keep them coming.

  39. I don't own BTC either and also, like you, I wish all cryptocurrency owners good luck. Even though I don't own cryptocurrencies, I'm super interested in them. Sadly, I got scared off by Mt. Gox and security issues. Major regret! The crypto market is so young that it's never seen a global recession. Since the market has no historical data in recessions, it's impossible to know what will happen to them in one. I've seen two recessions in my life and I hope cryptocurrencies can survive the third. Thanks for the great channel.

  40. Uncommon Sense

    Do yourself a favor invest the time to look into Bitcoin, Omisego, Ethereum, and Komodo. Don't read articles read the white papers.

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