Why Does Bitcoin Keep Crashing – Price Prediction & How To Profit Shorting Crypto

Why Does Bitcoin Keep Crashing – Price Prediction & How To Profit Shorting Crypto

We are back again, discussing why it was the right move to short cryptocurrencies! We here at BackToTech have been discussing this for over 3 months now!
The site I’m using to Trade Crypto https://www.binance.com/?ref=12838160
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  1. @BacktoTech Hey Faris, livestream today?

  2. Bitcoin is crashing, because, people are tired of losing $$$$ in bitcoin and they are cashing out for good, bye-bye bitcoin!

  3. Don’t get discouraged by these haters who have blindly followed these other YouTubers telling you “EOS will moon” or this and that. You have separated yourself from the rest of the pack. These same clowns get on here day in and day out and do nothing but shill coins! I saw one very popular YouTuber have a title of “trillions of dollars lining up to invest into crypto” watch the video and not a single world about backing up that ludicrous claim! Just click bait! The truth always prevails! You know tensions are high because people got totally fucked by these other dudes promising day in and day out nothing but “moonshots” and here they come to this channel who’s been right since day one and they get upset at YOU? It’s comical- makes no damn bit of sense! Shrug off them haters! Take care brother! Good luck in NY! The sky is the limit for you!

  4. You are the fucking man! You have been the ONLY honest and truthful YouTuber since day one and ESPECIALLY in the past few months. You have been calling this for a long time now. It sickens me to see these same clowns jump on here each and every single day making up excuse after excuse for this drop! They have no shame! No one likes to lose money! But, you know that it’s part of the way this works! You have been saying this was a bubble for a long long time now. The fact that you have been so truthful, honest and open makes me respect you more than any of these other clowns! I cannot believe you are only 21. You have a tremendously bright future ahead of you! You know something else I respect about you? The fact you aren’t making shit up saying “just made $10k today, called it, told you so” No, your a real person who shoots strait and doesn’t embellish! I respect the absolute hell out of you and your overall work ethic! You sir will be a millionaire in a matter of no time with the way you are so able to logically and clearly express your thoughts. God bless you brother! Thanks for your honesty! Don’t ever lose that!

  5. You're right on. Too bad more aren't watching… You're kicking the asses of those other crypto youtube'rs talking about "buying the dips".

  6. Mike Donnelly

    yes they do have utility moron lol

  7. OMG cant believe I just wasted 5 min of my life on your tube. Seriously DONT GO OUT and party lol im sure you did that last night 21 year old….

  8. DO not make another video. Seriously    CHERRY on top   you giving advise here and you have no clue. How much you invested my SON?

  9. SON you have no FUCKING clue STOP the (before crashing) look listen and learn you just graduated.

  10. serious emotional control at 21 lol nice

  11. Wtf are you talking about ? Cryptos are done? 😂😂😂 ok brah ..

  12. What's your long term outlook for crypto

  13. Just found your channel. Wish I saw it sooner

  14. So your saying crytocurrency is done??

  15. Feeling pretty good about getting into JAFX. Used some pyramiding and was able to get a fairly quick 80% gain. Only started with $100 to get the hang of it. Simple TA when it breaks key consolidation channels levels. Your so right. Basic human psychology and FOMO with little to now thought about real value in it's current stage. I do believe in it long term I am holding some crypto for 5 to 10 years. I believe in the tech but, it's great to have a hedge.

  16. Crypto Hypnotized

    Faris you are 100% on the way you call it….keep it real -Fuck all those idiots pumping/mooning shit they have no clue what they are talking about!! screw the travel job lets do some business!

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