Why Bitcoin WILL Fail (You MUST…

Why Bitcoin WILL Fail (You MUST…

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? In this video, I will EXPOSE why Bitcoin WILL fail. From Bitcoin Futures being shorted to rampant speculation to market manipulation, join me for this journey to the end of Bitcoin…

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To appease money-hungry lawyers and irresponsible people, it should be known that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your own money is your own responsibility. Seek the counsel of an intelligent financial advisor (good luck finding one) before investing yours or anyone else’s money.

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal, or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. In limited circumstances the speaker has been compensated by a third party. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results. This is not an offer to sell securities. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. You should consult with your professional advisors before purchasing any cryptocurrencies.


  1. He's right. You guys should sell all your coins.

  2. Thanks for the fanacial advice!! LOL

  3. Clickbait BS

  4. Mikhail Timofeev

    Not necessarily BTC would go zero because of the arguments presented, however, your arguments are certainly appreciated! Thanks for sharing your different point of you with the audience. It was a fun video overall!

  5. Brilliant vid. Lol

  6. Namecoin will be no.1 by 2019….. sell your BTC!!!!!!

  7. it will take a wreckin ball to take Bitcoin out of the game…


  9. My Vortex Rules

    Not good enough reasons, you are missing the bigger picture, please don’t waste people’s time.

  10. You are wrong very wrong bitcoin will bullrun in august oktober and december agian a bigg bullrun

  11. Marcus1552 Crypto


  12. Bitcoin buthole… your on to something. "HIV for money… But" … you kind a got a theme going here. Love your work.

  13. Funny shit C-LOVE

  14. Davit Sargsyan

    Unsubscribed this fuckin fud,

  15. JohnEnergy2012


  16. Never get out

  17. XRP to the MoooooooooooooN!

  18. sup funny thx buddy!

  19. Robert Richest

    Did you missed to buy at bottom ?, again spreading the FUD to drop the price.

  20. Dear
    Comunity out there 🙂 Thinking That in order for bit coming to Grow and become a sustainable alternative system reality to the bank system, we the community have to believe on BTC even "before" the price goes to the moon or when is down, so we put our money where our wish is and our Objective, to become an Action that influence regardless of the amount we are able to contribute with.
    what counts the most for the eventual manifestation of Value of Btc is our strong confidence in it again and again until comes trough we are powerful beings beyond what we may think we know and each of us with our Energetic been is Contributing for this to come forth regardless of the money we have and had put in is far more valuable our field when tuned in wich the fiscal response will soon then follow.
    Never the less to support already helps to the rise to be obvious to the masses so the may join too, so this can serve for the benefit of ALL ✧☍☀️🌈🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️
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