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  1. Eill Blackshire

    I recomend First Million Road for all crypto shrimps

  2. Bitcoin shitcoin, alt coins are doing and they will continue to do so! Why? Because, they they have zero value!

  3. enrico manalo

    hello SUPPOTMAN

  4. руслан алексеев

    ok good


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  6. Василя Сахранова

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  7. When new video sir? What do you think of loci sir?

  8. Paul Figueroa

    Never catch a falling knife but nothing wrong with  picking it up off the ground

  9. Paul Figueroa

    Last nite I had a dream that Bitcoin hit 4k in mid April and in an instant it shot to 15k. literally minutes and the news was on every channel. It was a crazy dream and I didn't buy the bottom. Woke up totally frustrated and still broke. I'm going to watch like a hawk in 2 weeks

  10. Chaz de Silva

    Hey Michael, you said in this video that you would link the Medium article down below but I do not see the link? If you could please post it, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Chaz from Perth.

  11. where are you suppoman? We are all waiting for your next vlog. Holycow.

  12. The Cryptonomatron

    There's no interest in crypto from the general public plus institutional money pulled out in Jan and those are the main reasons we are in a slump. No need for conspiracy theories about 'cartels' or hidden hands.

  13. He sure likes to repeat ''666' alot. Just saying.

  14. In hindsight to everyone, Yes you should have sold during the bullmarket within Dec and Early Jan, but if you sell at the bottom then you are a bigger fool instead of holding.

  15. We appreciate the effort you put into bringing us these videos, and I've learned a ton of information from you. 🙂

  16. I agree, its kinda coordinated…and we've seen this past summer the way up as well -.- hmmhmmm // CMC-Korean EX volume insidejob n stuff…now CMC shows us the lambo option what fun so far

  17. To make money in this depressing time Ive invested into Dropil, put your drops into the Dex trading bot and it makes money for you, Cash out every 15 days.

  18. So looking at the obvious – do synchronised, instantaneous multi-$bln knee-jerk newbie sell-offs in reaction to news that in reality most would not be exposed to make more sense? Even then would they really be savvy enough to react so swiftly en-mass to the impossible logic of such an event? Think about it, how many normies do you know that bought crypto then or ever? Me, none!

  19. Wow just saw this after writing something similar on your twitter and confirms everything I've been harping on about like a lunatic trying to get someone to address this for ages.

  20. Great vid Suppo 👍

  21. advanced racer

    I gotta give it up for suppoman. the only guy in youtube that can stretch 90 seconds of material to 45 minutes

  22. Happy Easter Suppo!

  23. I can't wait for BTC to drop to 1K, that is high oportunity.

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