Where Is The Bitcoin Bottom? $5,8k, $5k Or $3k? | Altcoins Bottoming Out Now?

Where Is The Bitcoin Bottom? $5,8k, $5k Or $3k? | Altcoins Bottoming Out Now?

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Where is the Bitcoin bottom? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make my Bitcoin price prediction. Also, I’ll take a look at the Bitcoin vote we did about the Bitcoin bottom. Moreover, will the altcoins reverse soon? This and much more, so to learn more, watch this video!

0:52 Deja Vu
4:38 Altcoins
9:13 The Bottom Vote

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    0:52 Deja Vu
    4:38 Altcoins
    9:13 The Bottom Vote

  2. Cryptocurreny is the next big thing

  3. Lets go up already

  4. Simple Tricks & Hacks

    I think we have seen the bottom of bitcoin, also I think we have seen the bottom on a lot of altcoins like ALQO, now we can make crazy gains in the next boom.

  5. DCN Dentacoin gives us many xxx in September 2018 before ETF is pledged.

  6. what about that monster head and shoulder on daily ?

  7. Damn, I wish I had some fiat. BTC is due to hit 7k some time this week!

  8. Crazy prayingmantis

    Well usually the majority is wrong.

    And we all know that the bullrun always starts "next month"

  9. I found some chart analyses, it is bad … i've seen some predictions points to arround $400 for bitcoin, i tested with 3 methods and 2 indicators . Hope it won't be that bad. But i think it will go very low. Hope not under 1k

  10. Guys. The bearish news is that the shitcoins, ICOs and nearly all alts are still being traded and up and running. They are down but not out of the market. Binance is adding Shitcoin after shitcoin to USDT pairs (Shitcoin of itselfe) all the time. Either people understand that these shits, scams and alts must be and will be flushed out of the market at some time sooner or later. Either people understand and act accordingly to this now in this bearmarket and we wash the market clean now or we kick the can down the road and the next brutal bearmarket will start as lightning from clear skyes when one of the hundreds of alts/shits are exposed in all of it's "glory" as fundamentally lacking in both the technological sense and economic sense. That will wipe out a lot of us since we will then be totally unprepared and it will happen so fast that we will not be able to react. Even exchanges would fail and our funds stuck and lost.

    That is why I think going much lower now and flushing out most of the alts and shits is truly the most bullish thing that can happen for Bitcoin. As long as that has not happened that is really bearish news every day.

    And Just think about all the ICO scams. Pure scams and now "founders" are getting death threats and kidnappings from the dumbasses that threw all their money in to this. They are now trying to pay back the scam money to save their asses and the market is going to be flooded with ETH and scamcoins as these idiots are trying to retrieve their money.

    If you are not convinced read The Bitcoin Standard and Antifragile and Black Swan. It is the best fundamentals you will ever get.

  11. Bitcoin will rally Monday, August 20, 2018

  12. I'm a happy Bear waiting in cash on the sidelines for our newest low. But even I believe under $5K would be a TOTAL Pipe Dream. BTC has evolved up into a whole new league due to all the Wall Street hybrid animals being built off off it (ie CBOE/CME Futures & soon to be ETFs). Were prestigious major online precious metals dealers accepting BTC for payment in exchange for psychical gold bullion < 2007,8,9???? Well they do now…. the more you pay attention online when buying, the more you will start noticing that there are already a number of online merchants who accept BTC for payment. That being said, BTC is not the toddler it was in 2007-2008, this Bear would be blown away if BTC EVER went under $5K…(ok maybe $4.8K).

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  14. I not a fan of the ETF. BTC was supposed to be an assault on the traditional financial system. Now we are all waiting on them to "save us" with an ETF? Seems like the narrative has changed.

  15. All i do is buy buy buy

  16. I don't understand why you would say that we are in a bearish market as long as we are above support…

  17. Hello buddy I need your advice I’am tempting to catch out my 401(k) to Invested in crypto I’am aware of the fees.what do you recommend please let me know thank you!

  18. Another great video Carl, keep it up!

  19. That's why 5800 can't be the bottom. The bottom will come when very few people expect it

  20. Bitcoin will be around for years to come the value is in what it can do. Its like when they invented email alot postman lost their jobs. Bankers are worried about their jobs.

  21. So i did not reach 550 Dollar and trading 0.1 Lots with so less is really Hard to dont geht emotional.
    I thought about carry trades if i one time really deposit But never Saw such a swap beide weak currencys.
    The question is, how can they pay so much, i think a Broker can trade intern without beging at market and catch the spreads and as long most are long the need bets again.
    Longs are willing to pay 20 percent per year

  22. Hey carl I like more when you say fast youshoulddefenilywatchthisvideo!
    Keep it up man!!
    🌙 fan!

  23. I Just recognised that plus 500 Broker pays 0. 038 percent for bitcoin short. If you calculator with interest of interest it is 14 percent per year.
    Trade Only Demo with bc, never really invested.
    I failed at 300 Dollar starting with 50 due to Unluck comb with psycholi

  24. Vechain about to start dropping real world enterprise TX traffic on their mainnet.. Fundamentally could shake some drinks up in the market.

  25. I could be wrong but things point south, within a month we should know, anything can happen at this point!

  26. Fuck Bitcoin and Ethereum, turn your focus to Eos.

  27. Hi, Carl, I talked to a guy who's deep into finance and traditional markets today and he asked me a lot of questions about bitcoin and crypto in general and I answered all the technical questions but on some other questions I couldn't find the answer.
    For example, let's say we are in a situation many years from now and bitcoin is the global currency. His questions were: what can we value bitcoin against if USD is obsolete? If governments need to fuel more money into the economy, is it possible to borrow money to do that to level things out, to which I answered that bitcoin's supply is limited to 21 million coins, and that it's not possible to "print" more bitcoin to pay debt like that's the case with USD. Also, what will ensure that people are getting equal value with their paycheck each month if they are getting paid in bitcoin (or satoshis at that point)? And what about the value of for example real estate against btc?

    So I said that I'm not sure if bitcoin will even need to be valued against anything if it's a global currency. Could you explain some of it if it's possible or is it just a situation and we'll have to wait and see? I'm sorry for the long comment 🙂

  28. Very good Statements from you and others. Everything is possible.

    Here another version:
    There are whales and not already invested big investors like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Black Rock and others more.
    Do you think they agree together or they make plans together ??? NO !!!
    Its a sea of sharks.
    EVERYONE of them wants to buy low. But only a few of them can do this, because the price can go very fast to the moon.
    Its very risky to wait for a good buysignal.
    If the train starts then it goes massiv up.
    The first buy at this moment in sweden the ETN CXBTF.
    Think about that.

  29. Carl, you teach do the opposite of the herd, so I guess 5800 is prob not the bottom then??? As 3k was on nobodies mind, I expect us to go there!

  30. I'd like to throw in my 2 cents…t he general sentiment and demeanor of your average sub(myself included), and channels like yours, is bullish..give this same survey on trading view where the bears /shorters have completely taken over and you get a different answer spread..think of it this way..you poll a bunch of Democrats how they think Donald Trump is doing , & and then give the same job approval survey go Republicans, and the answers will be different

  31. Hannibal Barqa II

    I am pro bitcoin and I believe bitcoin can potentially reach 30 trillion in marketcap, but I have been short this market. Sorry for the long message but here is why I am pro bitcoin and the thesis behind the 30 trillion marketcap first: 1) Bitcoin is a currency, not a product, not an asset, not a smart contract or blockchain application. It is a currency that is designed not lose value mathematically, an appreciating currency concept that overtime, the rate of appreciation slows down but never gets below one. Bitcoin is designed to converge to one as time converges to infinity, but it will be darn close to one after 30 years. What I mean by one is like 1+ i, the i is the rate of growth which converges to zero over time but does not go below zero. Think about a country that value 16 million productivity unit in bitcoin the first year, so one bitcoin is equal to one unit. Next year assuming no growth, a bitcoin will need to double in value to absorb the new productivity. Third year, it needs to triple the original value but year over year, it only did 50%. So you can write this as a series unit of one: 1, 2, 3, 4,…..Note 2/1 is double, but the second year is 3/2 only 50%, third year 4/3 only 1/3 growth.. so the rate of growth is 100%, 50%, 33%, 25%, 20%,……0%. So the fact that bitcoin supply cannot increase and the blockchain assures decentralization, the theoretical thesis holds in tact when bitcoin is adopted as a currency. There are no other coin that has a true decentralization. There are claims or voluntarily decentralization but not genuine one, only bitcoin is 100% decentralized. 2) If bitcoin is adopted as a currency, then expect it to gain market share against all global currencies. The US stopped publishing m4 (monetary base 4) which is the most exclusive base, a while back. M1 is around 14 trillion, but M4 is estimated around 145 trillion USD. It is estimated that total currencies around the globe to be around 300 trillion in USD. So if bitcoin gains 10% market share then, the marketcap can be as high as 10 trillion. But before bitcoin can gain 10% market share from all fiat currencies three things must happen: 1) bitcoin is started to be recognized as an alternative currency , 2) Bitcoin replaces gold as a inflationary hedge or fear factor hedge. 3) Global crisis around the world that shakes the confidence in fiat currencies. So those are big ifs. Here is why I am short: 1) Traders are the only one who are excited about bitcoin and they are treating it as a security not a currency. 2) As soon as bitcoin turns green, it gets dumped in favor of worthless altcoin, and when bitcoin turns red, altcoin is dumped in fear of going down, it is like the dog who is chasing its tail. Under such circumstances, we will continue to be in a bear market and bitcoin may lose its opportunity to develop as an alternative currency. My advise is the bitcoin community switch from focusing on trading bitcoin into focusing in promoting bitcoin as a currency, exchange work for bitcoin, buy and sell products in bitcoin,..etc which will create a momentum in owning bitcoin not as an investment but rather as a tool of exchange, or a currency. Only then, the first condition for bitcoin to gain market share is set, and the rest can be history.

  32. Tone Vays' pessimistic bottom is 1300$, pessimistic bottom time is August of 2019.

  33. It's moronic to determine the bottom based on how positive people are at the time. There will always be positive people otherwise nobody would buy any asset. It's all about who you're asking. Especially when people have strong chart history to prove their point. It's utter contrarian garbage to just say oh people think this so it must be the opposite. This is so especially in the case of Crypto which goes up and down heavily based on how people are feeling. If people are positive then it goes up and people buy more. If people are gloomy it goes down, that's the very fundamentals of how crypto markets operate. Whoever made that comment is an idiot, period.

    The ETF is starting to carry less and less weight as time goes on. People are slowly realizing the SEC is full of crap and it's no good to rely on them. That being said, based on insider sources we're definitely getting it, likely this year. And along with the Bakkt startup coming online in November, I think there will be much more good news than negative news the rest of this year. Exchange security is tightening world wide, scams are mostly dying out, crap coins have flushed pretty well, a lot of the top 10 are having serious updates coming up, and more importantly the charts justify a trend reversal now. It's probably a great time to buy crypto.

    Market manipulation only works if the whales make money. If we fall to 3k bitcoin guess what? People will stay out of crypto for probably another year. The sentiment will be in the ground. Financial institutions and VCs will lose a ton of money, and even if they bought in at 3k they can't make money if we don't buy in after them. The sentiment HAS to be good. That's why they constantly pump stocks on TV. Use common sense!

  34. BTC is going to $0.01 before rising to $30K in January.

  35. i want to tell you something that you maybe know about that but till now, didn't you explain to your followers! CME (BTC) has 5 Bitcoin Contract Unit and CBOE (XBT) has 1 Bitcoin Contract Unit! Actually with this kind of trade you don't have any private key BUT JUST FORGET ABOUT IT! i mean you don't own any bitcoin! How is that possible if you don't buy and sell any bitcoin but manupulating bitcoin price? For example June 26, 2018! 1 CME Contract has 5 Bitcoins Units! 1708 Long and 2131 Short! It means 423 Bitcoin shorts! 423*5btc=2115 Bitcoin! AND 1 CBOE Contract has 1 Bitcoin Units! 3175 Long and 4543 Short! It means 1368 Bitcoin shorts! 1368*1btc=1368 Bitcoin!
    Together 2115 + 1368 =3483 btc! 3483btc=~ $21 mio. potential sell off if btc price decline! The question is if that sell of can start a huge FUD on btc market price? $21 million / 3.280 billion = 0,0064 = 0,64% Both CME and CBOE Futures has no meaning about btc market volume!

  36. I think one opportunity is to Go long at lower levels and close pos Maybe at 6760.
    I expect a shortsqueeze at 6650 pushing the price to 6800 and then i expect a resistance so strong with people closing long Position.
    I feel buying at 6630 is to late, it Just looks Like bears need a breath and bulld need a failing Rally to finally let bitcoin find a healthy Low.
    But it seems some of the smart Money rather dont crush But hoping for good New.
    Maybe mining is Not profitable at 5k or they fear a Massive sell from people, that Normally dont sell, because they are finally pissed of bitcoin.

  37. USD Futures are building a shooting star candle on the weekly! maybe that even kills the fundamentals and some people hedge into BTC

  38. You know the bottom is in when people start calling for an un believable target. Accumulation and dollar cost averaging at these levels people. Stop trying to make a million in a day and think about the bigger picture. 3000 is unrealistic the operating costs of the network itself need to be considered. I believe this action is designed to flush the bad projects out of the market. Would the oil company sell you gas for half of what it cost them?

  39. Its a triple bottom lol

  40. Just blow ur nose man

  41. Bottom is 0

  42. Carlos whats up my friend? Thanks for the Vid my ma says you’re welcome to come over anytime for rice and bean wraps. 😀

  43. Diogo J. Watanabe

    What about Bakkt?

  44. i read somewhere that the CBOE has stated that there's a heap of institutional money waiting to enter at $2,800 —– do you think BTC price might be manipulated to this level before the trigger is pulled on the ETF??

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