When will the Bitcoin price stabilize? Invest now?!

When will the Bitcoin price stabilize? Invest now?!

Bitcoin price is going crazy. In this video I will explain to you where the price will be going in the next few weeks – explained in a simple and understandeable way!

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  1. Crypto market it's complex and risky…but I think the fundamentals are there and eventually BTC and company will reach new levels, let's hodl πŸ˜›

  2. Yamairo Maynard

    hope that the btc price will Go up soon.

  3. I'm checking constantly because I'm looking for a good place to buy some more alt coins

  4. Why would anyone at this moment in time would want to pay in crypto ? Coinbase charges me stupid money to buy BTC/ETH then I get charged for sending it across to buy alt coins . Cheaper to pay in fiat . MRvQgFTRzbHZ6jixa6EheyZX2ZJVHmkYUs

  5. Suyetno Suyetno

    i hope i can buy more in this dump, hope i can win


  6. I like ripple to and I think it will go up because of the technology maybe you can give away some ripple :} LSE4ywQJokBRrc1RbusubNk2rF2VXS3cPZ

  7. Thanks for the info
    what do you think about Tokenpay?

  8. Thank you for the updates….



  9. Strong believer of the market so it's ok.


  10. Aboobacker Sidhique

    Is it safe to invest in zilliqa?

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