What Will Happen To Bitcoin After the Segwit2x Hard Fork?

What Will Happen To Bitcoin After the Segwit2x Hard Fork?

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In today’s video we are talking about bitcoin and what will happen to the bitcoin price after the bitcoin segwit2x hard fork coming November 16th. I believe that bitcoin is going to continue to pump until the bitcoin segwit2x hard fork. Once the segwit2x hard fork is over with we are going to see a lot of people selling their bitcoin as well as the bitcoin segwit2x hard fork. We should see a larger dump in the bitcoin price this time around as there has been a lot more being said about bitcoin segwit2x than bitcoin gold, another bitcoin hard fork that occurred October 23rd. The bitcoin segwit2x hard fork is supposed to be taking place approximately November 16th 2017. I’ll be selling at the peak and buying bitcoin back on the low and might be cushioning some of my bags of ubiq, lisk, litecoin, and ethereum. If you plan to enter the bitcoin giveaway please be sure to subscribe, comment, and drop a like. If you enjoy cryptocurrency content such as cryptocurrency price predictions, ICO reviews, cryptocurrency / altcoin reviews, and more of the like please consider subscribing to the channel. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Looks like you were right, glad I listened and sold my btc at a huge gain. I Will buy back when it hits bottom. When do you think that will happen?

  2. Hi, I believe BTC will go around 6200$ in the day to come. Can you tell us a little about privacy coin? Thank You. 1DsVC5ZSbM487HuoqK7QtEebHqDfM9cpSX

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  4. good reasoning bro!!! now segwit2x cancelled and the correction comes earlier than we expected

  5. What is your opinion of Siacoin?

  6. great bro

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  8. Do you think Bitcoin will reach any new highs between now and the fork?


  9. Ok i assume that BTC will drop but.. what happen with BCH/Bitcoin Cash ? it will rise or drop before Bitcoin FORK when we should sell it before fork..


  10. Do you foresee replay attacks causing panic after the fork and, as a result, money being pulled out of BTC? 3JJ5tGX9ptrntLxXN8tBQXnEKGJ9WNrnNu

  11. Hyipmonitorindia India

    Hold it till i die

  12. Another great video, I’m already planning on the same strategy! Look forward to the next video!



  13. hello bro..what do you think..it is good to buy bitcoin as the price going high or illwait untill the segwit done..?

  14. I'm going 50% BTC / 25% LTC / 25% ETH;
    Dumping Segwit2x ASAP;
    Doubling on BTC during depression;
    Selling LTC and ETH when BTC pops from depression


  15. Hey whats your favorite coin other than bitcoin?


  16. oyenpemi oluwatobi

    Bitcoin may drops a little bit after the hard forks but it will rise again and it might likely hit 10k USD before the 2017 runs out

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  18. New subscriber love your videos so far and cant wait to see more


  19. Undecided… If I sell, I'll sell around 14 Nov as some may lose their nerve and cause a pre-fork drop. Otherwise I'll sit tight and throw more money at it if there's a drop


  20. Informative, succinct and even a BTC prize…can't beat that! Thanks for the info, great video about the upcoming fork and how to play it.

  21. What are your thoughts on how Bitcoin and other cryptos such as Ethereum will scale with the increased demand on transactions per second. I've heard about Raiden being developed for the Ethereum network and the Lightning network being developed for Bitcoin/Litecoin. BTC address: 3Ht5YXaQQH3i8hCahmhHJUsUvdRCdY348m

  22. After this Hard Fork, which altcoin you think is going to increase the most?

    btc: 36thS5gvbNwiL92drhys2RGDMfuQ6xnSqC

  23. Danilo Sebregondio

    I’m very confused about this fork….ty for the video!

  24. I can never judge whether to HOLD or sell and rebuy during these falls 🙁 what to do?


  25. I just think that its a great idea to buy a few bitcoin after the major drop and watch after the increase begins

    BTC: 1EpmyGj5F97onxFEfswkndtkVFTf1N8DDp

  26. Great vid

  27. If everyone thinks something will happen, theres a big possibility the opposite happens anr many people get burned. This is why holding is the only strategy there is. Never try to time the market youll just get rekt


  28. I have recently explored the world of cryptocurrency and have discovered your channel and its great content.


  29. Which of the two post-forked coins do you have a better feeling about?

    Btc address: 12oz7RD7V2Xw98A4qsQB9vLZ1MDxKisof4

  30. Do you think people will sell their btc, and buy other alt coins just before or after the fork?

    btc: 1Du69q46CDinUe3aAd2PGQf866gQLviH5M

  31. Leonardo Tambellini

    BTC maybe will drop but i believe in 10k in the end of the year. 1JQmgECDEjadT9T9fQn49eeHiKjf7c91QQ

  32. Matthew Aislabie

    This kid is clueless

  33. Lets see what will happen

  34. same strategy… Sell a portion of BTC and buy altcoin after the fork.

  35. What is a good resource to track the block number for the snapshot? Will any blockchain explorer work? Thanks!


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