What is Value – Does Gold (or Bitcoin) Have Value or Is That the Wrong Question

What is Value – Does Gold (or Bitcoin) Have Value or Is That the Wrong Question

People wonder if Bitcoin has value, but is a better question does gold really have value? Or is it a mistake to even ask the question?
One of the reasons people have trouble understanding how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency works is most people have never questioned the concept of “value” and they’ve accepted that it is a real thing. But value only exists within our minds and is an example of what is sometimes referred to as a nominalization.
In this video I step back from technology explanations to draw on one of the other areas of knowledge I’ve studied for almost as long as I’ve been a student of technology — how the mind works.
I draw upon concepts from NLP and take a look into possible implications of technology we’ll be seeing in the coming decades to help you better understand today.

Here’s an article I found that gives a brief explanation of nominalizations (I’m not familiar with the site otherwise)

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