What Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency? Real World Use Cases? Bitcoin in 10 years?

What Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency? Real World Use Cases? Bitcoin in 10 years?

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

In this video, I welcome all of our new subscriber and then we talk real world use cases for bitcoin and cryptocurrency! Watch the video.

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**Not a financial adviser. Just opinion. Do your own research!!!

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  1. Your doing a great job I look forward to your videos everyday.

    I've learn so much from you

  2. Hi Altcoin Daily. I am computer scientist-masters degree. I started to learn crypto – mining, trading, related block chain programming and technology areas from 3 months ago. For better life I need to learn new things. I watch your video daily. Thank you.

  3. So we can most probably be used in schools to stop cheating

  4. I agree with use cases but I think its years always. 2 at least. Bitcoin isn't fee less or instantaneous yet.

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  6. Inflation is a hidden tax on the poorest people.

  7. mycraigslister111

    I got involved early this year after loosing millions of dollars in BTC ,…back story… I purchased$20 in BTC back in 09-10 whenever it became available for purchase with fiat. Anyways I lost it because it's on an old computer that crashed and no longer in my possession. After it rose to over 19k and realized how much money I could have today it got me interested in it. But from 2k10 till early this year haven't thought anything about crypto

  8. Michael Parnell

    Just a humble chef from AZ… big crypto enthusiasts! Create your own sovereignty!!! Bank the the unbanked! Go Cardano! Hyper connect the world! Great video! Keep up the good work! Spread the word!

  9. میلاد قادری:

    2.2% daily for 20 days, 2.5% daily for 35 days, 3.5% daily for 35 days (Principal Return); 650% after 25 days, 1500% after 45 days,3000% after 60 days and more…

  10. Jane Blue Cook

    My 23 yr old son got me into investing in the cryptocurrency market and I've done some research and see how this is really the wave to the tech of the future.

  11. Nice presentation. Greetings from Stockholm!

  12. keep it simple , at the end of the day the cryptos are all supposed to be currencies, people want to use currencies, most dont care about the tech

  13. etiene constancia

    I could hear you 24/7. I love you movies.
    I can not wait for the following movies.
    we want more videos.

  14. I appreciate channels such as this that address the fundamental growth issues. The everyday jackoff doesn't want to invest in something they can't understand. The unfortunate reality is that 90% of all cryptos are solutions looking for a problem and the prices reflect the euphoria of days past, without adoption. It is discussions such as those on your channel that answer the questions asked by new money. It is important you guys keep up the good work. Liked and subbed long ago. Thank you

  15. Smooth Operator

    Hey man, I don't believe in 5000 anymore. 5777 was a true bottom. It bounced from 21 exponential moving average (monthly chart), this is what BTC was doing all this time from 2016-2017. So theoretically we're still in the bull market until it breaks this support. But I think we're going up just because everyone are bearish right now.

  16. Buckwheat Lovescryptos

    Great Piece Guys

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