What Is Cryptocurrency? | How to Make Money with Bitcoin [2018]

What Is Cryptocurrency? | How to Make Money with Bitcoin [2018]

A lot of people are asking me, what is Bitcoin, what is cryptocurrency, how do you trade it? Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques: https://goo.gl/poGZTm

For me, I like trading Bitcoin in cryptocurrency related stocks. I’ve been trading stocks for two decades; I’m going to stick with what I know. I love reputable brokers.

The problem with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is that you need to create some crazy accounts with some crazy companies, and it’s all very questionable. I like trading with E-Trade, I love trading my stocks that still move up and down based on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices.

The past few weeks, the past few months have been insane for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related stocks. They follow the same exact patterns that I’ve been trading for the past two decades and now been teaching for the past decade.

Again, if you want to learn all of these patterns, click the link just below this video. Go apply to be my next millionaire student. Also, leave a comment if you’re going to be dedicated because the key to trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related stocks, and any hot sector, is being committed.

Looking at this as a marathon, not a sprint, and understanding that while Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the hot things right now, it’s not going to last. I know some of you will think, “This time is different, this time is different.” That’s what medical marijuana stock people said. That’s what weed stock people said. That’s what oil stock people said. That’s what gold stock people said. That’s what police equipment stock people said. That’s what every single boom in the past few years has said, this time is different, and it never is.

So you have to get used to understanding that there are going to be manias, there are going to be bubbles. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, good job, you guys are a fantastic bubble.

No offense to you guys, I like paying taxes. I like dealing with normal stuff. But your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related stocks follow the same patterns that I teach all the time.

I’m also going to include a link just below this video for my 35 hour how to make millions guide. That teaches the very patterns that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are now displaying to a T. It’s scary like these patterns repeat. So everybody who asks me, “What do you think about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? “Is this the future, is it a scam?”

I don’t want to have a 35% winning ratio. I like my 70% winning ratio, and that’s because I stick with predictable patterns. I stick to what I know, so I’m not going to open an account at some crazy offshore, you know, digital wallet kind of thing.

I’m sorry, I’m old school, that’s who I am. Will I miss the boat on this mania? Yes, I’m okay with that, I know what I’m good at. And just like Warren Buffet is glad to miss stuff that he doesn’t understand, I’m happy to miss stuff that I don’t understand.

And mind you, I am still profiting hugely, hugely off Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with the stuff that I know, the stock patterns that I know. They come to me, and I don’t have to go out to anybody else. I have more than enough money, and I have more than enough plays.

Almost every single day I’m overwhelmed. So some people will say, “Tim, go expand your business, get into this.” I don’t want to; I’m already rich enough, I’m already busy enough. The cool thing is once you’re rich you get to choose what you want to do with your life.

So when you ask me what do you think about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, I’ll tell you what I think in terms of stock trading, and in terms of what I do know because that’s what I’m an expert in.

That’s where I’ve made my money, that’s where I’ll continue making my money more times than not. I’m not always right 100% of the time; as I said, I’m right about 70, 75% of the time.

There’s a great movie called The Godfather, where he thought that he was going to be legitimate in five years. He said this, he’s like, “In five years, the Corleone family “is gonna be completely legitimate.” Never held true to it, and guess what, if you’ve seen Godfather 2 and Godfather 3 it didn’t end too well.

So if you are in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, I say enjoy the profits, but also don’t be afraid to take some off the table and try to go legitimate, okay? You want to have a bright future; you don’t want to deal in sketchy industries forever.

Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts, this should be interesting.

Thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there. And also, click subscribe, so that you can watch all of these videos. Get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.


  1. Fucktard. You wasted my time. You didn't explain what the fuck cryptocuttency is, where it came from, what makes it worth anything, etc, etc…

  2. Tim a lot of stock and penny stock traders are focusing more of their time in this market because the gains cant be compared to the stock market. Not a bubble either as blockchain technology is the future. Houses are still useful, marijuana and so will cryptos.

  3. that's 6 1/2 minutes I'll never get back.

  4. Mario Contreras

    I have watched so many youtuve vídeos, but this guy is by far one of the dumbest oxygen thief I have ever seen.
    Kinda of stupid funny thought.

  5. So the trade where the ledger is online and anyone can see it at any time is sketchy? How many times have you seen your banks ledger? Just saying you are right but also wrong

  6. what if everyone follows the same pattern.. who is the winner and who is the loser..

  7. Alexander Rayburn

    Made lots of money applying forex and penny stock strategies to cryptocurrency. Currently moving back to penny stocks. It was fun while I was there but I need my shorts.

  8. Hey guys, I’m looking to connect with more younger traders. If you’re under 25 and avg. $200 or more a day trading. Send me a DM at my ig @evan_arnault.

  9. Can’t help but smile when he roast Cramer

  10. you mad bro?

  11. Well I can say I respect you for resisting the crypto euphoria and sticking to what you know. I will also say I am still thoroughly studying the technology and won't be quick to write it off so easily.

  12. The only people who get angry with crypto are people who dont understand it. There's no reason to be negative if the industry isn't for you

  13. very stupid comments…this guy is living in the past…I wish you all the luck in trading 🙂

  14. Complet Idiot ….Taking Your Money

  15. 10000% dedicated! think big!

  16. Jordon Mcmullin

    I don't get how you said you don't know what bitcoin is and talk down on in. doesn't make any sense buddy

  17. If you dont understand something dont talk shit about it lol you fucking clown, ive probably made more money out of bitcoin that you have in your whole life lmao, salty ass bitch, nobody gives a fuck about u anymore, go sell ur outdated shit to the losers out there lmao, ok good day yall

  18. Tim you caved to generalizations. I love your stuff but on this subject you are clearly wrong. Nothing wrong with sticking to what you are good at. Saying Bitcoin is just a fad is so far from the truth. It's nothing at all like Marijuana or oil where they serve one purpose. The blockchain technology has so many real world applications that will revolutionize our lives just like the internet has. You remind me of the old school day trader making phones calls telling everyone not to trust computers and stick to calling in your trades instead. Drug dealers have laundered money for years in so called fake shell companies that I'm sure are even in your world. From a marketing standpoint crypto is a threat to what you are doing. So I get why you are protecting your turf but the world changes as you are well aware. The money system is constantly evolving and the crypto world will be something you will deal in sooner or later. How many people saw LAN lines going away to be replaced by smartphones? Another more applicable analogy is cash vs credit cards. Many people back in the day saw no purpose to credit cards and they never just went away like some fad did they?

  19. Tim, you’re fat

  20. Brian Kitchens

    I guess you're a criminal then. You can't promote something in one video, and call it criminal and sketchy in another. The Internet is watching!! 😀

  21. Idris PendisBey

    Please spend some time researching your topic before you preach about it. You would say something similar for the people who are saying you are a scam. Check the content first, analyze it later.

  22. He is right though cryptocurrency at this point in time is SKETCHY. Also regulation on cryptocurrency will happen just like Tim said it's just a matter of time and that is a GOOD thing.

  23. Oinotna Iramida

    Cryptos vs stock…..look like a pitbull vs a T rex…..i don't like cryptos boat,
    if I'm wrong is ok    I don't give fk  the universe is so big  hahahah

  24. Timbo respect mon!!

  25. This guy will be broke by the end of the stock market crash!!

  26. Someones stressed lool

  27. as if drug dealers don't use the us dollar

  28. i was listening until this guy said “i like paying taxes” then i threw up, and bought more ethereum.

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