What is Bitcoin Value and Trump’s Muslim Ban

What is Bitcoin Value and Trump’s Muslim Ban

Today we talk about what is the real value of Bitcoin and we touch on the new muslim ban of Donald Trump


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  2. Why do you think bitcoin will continue to be the dominant CC? Why wouldn't one of the alt-currencies takeover?

  3. https://blockchain.info/nl/unconfirmed-transactions

    As above in link; Bitcoins scalibility is still under internal war. It is for the moment a solution under these global circumstances .. just untill people realize its a terrible paymemt system compared to other crypto currencies like Dash or Ethereum.. mainly its China that control most Bitcoin minig power and believe me that is not decentralization. Dont' get me wrong i own a high amount of btc( early adopter here) but blockchain tech is far more interesting and powerfull than BTC itself. I m tired of hours off uncofirmed transactions just trying to send some bitcoin to my trading account in a exchange. Hell, even the fast transactions of 17 min plus are like dinossaur tech if you compare it to Ethereum / dash of just seconds for a blocktime. TBH i believe BTC opened the path for these better technologies so i definetely don't advice to invest money only in BTC but rather spread it in better tech. I believe btc will be i nice secure store of valeu, but ETH or something like DASH to be chose as currency to for payments and transactions. I was a maximalist untill i read the Ethereum white paper. We are heading to great decentrilized future.

  4. bitcoin is a speculation at this point

    it could go to tens of thousands or zero

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  6. Billy Bang Bang

    Thank you, forSpeaking the truth brother…speak the truth !!!

  7. read the actual executive orders instead of watching CNN, either way all this turmoil will be great for Bitcoin ,5yr prediction 25-50k

  8. Jack Sussmilch

    A key differentiating factor is that buying a bitcoin you take posession quickly. if buying gold it will be a while before you take posession – unless you pay others to store your gold for you – in which case you have no real guarantee your gold hasn't been sold many times over. i personally wouldn't trust buying gold unless i took physical posession. this is slower than btc

  9. thanks for the great video, can u do some due diligence on dbix coin, which is going to be launched in few days, first of the sort on middle east, has its own blockchain,

  10. nothing 0

  11. nontheistcapitalist

    In five years I expect Bitcoin to be valued about $5,000 USD. And gold at $10,000 USD. By the way I buy more gold than Bitcoin, and yes, I am older than 40! But I do buy Bitcoin. I love it now more than U.S. Treasury notes, TIPS, and bonds.

  12. Tiffany Legard

    I agree with your analysis on the effects of banning people from other countries. It can in fact encourage isolation of the U.S. but also push people to do business with one another outside of traditional means. Especially when the government makes certain decisions like this that effect so many. Interesting stuff!

  13. in 5 years Bitcoin 5000$ and Dash 1000$

  14. Russell Spears

    I would love to see what you think about my video and my prospective on how this might play out

  15. Russell Spears

    I do like your video on this but I think your analysis should include more significant disruptive Technologies that could drive Bitcoin.

    The Internet of Things is one.

    the ability to 3D print a house in a day will have impact on bitcoin as well because this will crash the speculative use of housing everywhere. because if I can 3D print a whole Metropolis within a year anywhere in the world the notion of a city as a center of Commerce implodes.

    Then you have the rise of artificial intelligence… this to will make many of the Monopoly forms obsolete many other areas of investment will crash because they will become obsolete.

    self-driving cars may actually bring the end of car manufacturers and the investment money that's put into that market is huge.

  16. Russell Spears

    one more thing that people have to consider when investing in any precious metal is the extent to which we are finding new ways of creating these metals.

    it is estimated that the average asteroid has about 40 trillion dollars worth of precious metals on it that will essentially collapse the value of precious metals on Earth.

    the ocean apparently has an estimated $167 trillion dollars worth of precious metals naturally occurring on ocean floor if they figure out how to get that it's game over for gold bugs and silver bugs.

    they can produce gold in supercolliders what energy becomes renewable and cheap

    they are even estimating about a million dollars worth of precious metals can be extracted from the human waste of a million people over a year.

    they even have bacteria that can synthesize gold usually gold precursors.

    and yes he's right about the value of gold going up causing a spike and amount of gold mined across the globe.

    there's also plenty of conspiracies out there about possible sites of huge gold deposits that the US government and other governments have decided to not bring to Market because the deposits are so huge they would have collapsed the investment of the very wealthy who control our governments.

    then there's the fact that who has all the gold and where is it is for some reason a complete mystery to everyone government have shown themselves to not have the gold that they say they do time and time again.

    people have to understand the end of the Stone Age came not because we ran out of stones but because we found something better to use…. there couldn't have been a better time for Bitcoin to come about…

  17. Russell Spears

    another factor that is driving it is political posturing see every country wants to create a new world Reserve currency but only the u.s. wants it to be the US dollar.

    I could bet even England would love to see the US dollar be demoted from the world Reserve status.

    currently almost all the big players are accepting Bitcoin.
    Once all of their markets go that way I think Bitcoin will be the world's first metacurrency.

  18. Russell Spears

    I think you take the global GDP and you divide that by 21 million Bitcoin and that will be the price of Bitcoin as far as its monetary value.

    then you have to add into value of other demands for Bitcoin use… which will be as a store of important documents and contracts for each and every person.

    and given the nature of a claim there's probably huge uses of it that we have yet to suspect.

    I've seen many different numbers for Global GDP some of them range from $78 trillion dollars to $162 trillion dollars in global M3.

    the bigger questions for me come into play when you consider how almost every investment area today is used as speculation because our Fiat currencies suck as a store of value. if you add a burn fee algorithm two big coins blockchain you can create a program rate of deflation that can outperform every speculative market today.

    there's also the question of how many Bitcoin will be lost over time right now it looks like 1% Bitcoin has been lost… sent to the wrong address or locked up in a dresses that they cannot move because the whole world is looking at some hackers wallet waiting for him to try to cash out… of course some people will die with their Bitcoin address unknown to everyone.

  19. Russell Spears

    I think gold bugs will want to move to bitcoin only after they understand it… that can take quite a while.

    I think the big players will be the money managers… these people will have a fiduciary responsibility to take care of the 32 trillion dollars that is offshore are hidden the way.

    once these guys start moving in the price of Bitcoin will shoot up and that will spark a race to Bitcoin that we will never see again in any other store of value.

  20. Russell Spears

    I have a video you might find interesting about my thoughts on Bitcoin… I've heard the total precious metals Market is up to 40 trillion dollars…. so we're not really talking about just gold but every commodity that people use as a safe haven

  21. BitcoinDeutsch

    thank you. good video 🙂

  22. Alex, It is an exageration to assume that bitcoin would enterely replace gold.

    And, if so, people are gonna use it more (money velocity increases). This is a force against the price.

    So, 400k is too much. 100k (25℅ of gold) is a good number. Hell, Just taking 1℅ of gold leads to 4x today's price of bitcoin.

  23. BANE THEM!!!

  24. First of all, Trump is not banning Muslims. American citizens that happen to be Muslims are fine. Muslim immigrants from most countries, say, India, are fine. What Trump is doing is temporarily restricting immigration or otherwise increasing scrutiny for people from 7 predominantly Muslim countries that have a history of significant terrorism. To say he is banning Muslims is a form of FUD and is not accurate. Still like your show, I'm just saying, this is a very nuanced policy and you're generalizing greatly.

  25. please add subtitle

  26. Michael Schmitz

    I'm sorry, some of the words are a bit hard to make out (understand). I am usually very familiar with making out words through accents, but it would help you greatly to add captions. You have some good points though. This is a tough comment to make without it sounding negative, I hope the constructive intention made it through.

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