What is Bitcoin? – The Bitcoin Gospel | Bitcoin Documentary

What is Bitcoin? – The Bitcoin Gospel | Bitcoin Documentary

You’ve heard about bitcoin, but do you really know how this will change the world? The Bitcoin Gospel talks about the history of how Satoshi Nakamoto created the digital currency (cryptocurrency) that changed the world forever.

Thinking about investing in bitcoin? Watch this documentary and you will see why we love bitcoin! Experts project that 1 bitcoin could easily reach $5000 within the next few years because there are only 21 million bitcoins that will ever be in circulation.

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  30. 2 thoughts: 1. What's interesting is that just like the system we have today needs an update (which Bitcoin is incentivizing) it's logical that even as Bitcoin progresses it will need an update, and thus you can see that happening with new systems of this kind of currency coming up. 2. The guy at the very end talks about governments killing people, but I wonder if it's so easy to transfer money with Bitcoin how can the easy transfer of money to terrorist organizations and such be prevented? This will for sure need some kind of system regulator.

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    bitcoin is like gold but its value depends "only" on how much people need it.. aside from that theres no other way to manipulate it.. so far

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  40. He is Satoshi….?

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    26:02 Here's her bias, which a bit later will be evident in her interpretation of bitcoin as an economic threat. She postulates that the fact that some investers in bitcoin could become the new 1% is a hypocracy for it's creator's initial concept, which she paradoxically admits no one actually knows.. So what's the point of the criticism, and why does it matter beyond an attempt to discredit Bitcoin in some way? That's silliness anyway because the true value in crypto is in it's decentralized, anonymous structure, and in it's resilience to state control through the international banking, market regulation, tax law, and state justice systems.

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  46. wait so how rich was that guy who started Silk Road back when he got busted? Trillions in today's currency? lol

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