What is Bitcoin Mining – A Complete Explanation in Simple English

What is Bitcoin Mining – A Complete Explanation in Simple English

As part of our Bitcoin Whiteboard Tuesday series we’ve just upgraded our BItcoin mining video to cover much topics and become even simpler to understand.
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  1. Rick Bergemann

    What pools do you recommend these days?

  2. Rick Bergemann

    perfect information, just needed that. Thank you!

  3. Katrin Schröder

    Great video anyway, I was scammed more than two times by some people who claimed they were pro trader but i never gave up until i saw a post on youtube on how ashton Clegg helped people. I contacted him and my life turned around for good. You can inbox me on how to contact him

  4. James huffman

    God bless the day I tried out bernard walters mining pool

  5. Terrance Pinkney

    Excellent video, great explanation, precise and to the point. Thank you for your knowledge and insight. I will definitely share this video!

  6. Has anyone here tried Mr Joseph Terry's mining pool?

  7. liked and subscribed . Awesome explanations. I have some knowledge in crypto currencies but for someone new this video will help to understand the basics of crypto world.

  8. I want to mine bitcoin. I have 6 computers to mine bitcoin. I'd like to share my resources

  9. Tiny Crypto Blog

    whattomine and coinwarz are good sites to figure the mining profitability of different coins and tokens.

  10. Thanks for a great video! Always enjoy watching your videos. Nate Martin is performing great as always!

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