What is Bitcoin MimbleWimble? Programmer explains.

What is Bitcoin MimbleWimble? Programmer explains.

What is MimbleWimble and Grin and why is it so important for Bitcoin? Both Bitcoin Scaling and Bitcoin Privacy.


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Good Morning Crypto!

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  2. Nix platform will also bring privacy for Bitcoin and other altcoins with their DEX manager + ghost protocol. 🙂

  3. Alexander Esslinger

    Mimble Wimble sounds very Harry Potterish indeed

  4. …and this is only one of several future implementations on Bitcoin… and that's why Bitcoin will be huuuuuge!

  5. Bitcoin MimbleWimble is the real Bitcon!

  6. I have smashed the likes.

  7. MIMBLE WIMLE / SMASHI SMASH. Such silly names. I would still like a SMASHI SMASH airdrop as it is going to MOOOON! It's highly centralised and therefore highly scalable! Soon, it will overtake Mastercard in number of transactions per second.

  8. The Jazz Monastery

    I'm betting Ivan's IQ cracks 170

  9. The Jazz Monastery

    Frank Zappa!!! Waka Jawaka!

  10. Heeeej Stockholm and the CryptoVikings. Thank you for being awesome, brave and always sharing great content. Tack. Joakim Holmer, the Swede in Australia

  11. i admire your skills writing with a mouse.. takes some serious skill

  12. Great video. But you need a tablet!

  13. rajesh prajapati

    Ivan is love ♥♥♥

  14. MONARCH TOKEN!!!!!!!!

  15. Have you checked out XSPOCT? It makes Bitcoin a privacy coin.

  16. Is there a symbol for Mimble Wimble?

  17. Rolland wayne Shellabarger

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  18. I have friend in Brazil looking to get into crypto can someone tell me what is the best exchange or market to buy in Brazil

  19. Smashed the like….

  20. Branislav Konjević

    So it's strange for serious business people not to put their millions or even billions of dollars in something called MimbleWimble 😁
    Someone has really lost his mind. Such an inappropriate name for something that wants to be used as well as a money!

  21. The cost of Bitcoin is fluctuating because, as proprietors of Bitcoin are actively participating in its economy.

  22. Bernard Macarius

    Thanks again as usual. I believe people are not aware that this technology is on the cusp of global adoption. They just need be a bit more patient. I am extremely optimistic! NEVER before in my lifetime has there been so much collaboration openly taking place in the global community for the betterment of society as a whole. I have been researching endless projects in so many different fields ranging from medical, materials, communications, and the list is endless…We have the collective knowledge and history of the entire planet at our fingertips. To me anyways that is truly remarkable. There are projects of course that are not publicly available but with a bit of imagination one can only deduce what is on the horizon….

  23. Michael Schöch

    At least a funny sounding name 😁👍🤣

  24. Charles Patterson

    "Feel your body melt. Mum to dad to glad to mad – Dad diddly office , dad diddly office – you're ALL full of ball!" 😉

  25. looks like ivan is 💪 lifting weights 🏋️‍♀️ thru the bear 🐻 market while the rest of us are eating pizza 🍕 and taking naps

  26. It's not over. You didn't say "goodbye, goodbye"
    So I'm going to sit here with the video open waiting.

  27. Why don't he use text tool in his paint program lol

  28. PoppONaya Shelly

    MIT at it again

  29. post live smash like subscribe and bell

  30. Crucio!

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