What Is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies? + Bitcoin Giveaway!

What Is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies? + Bitcoin Giveaway!

Today we are going to talk about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
We are rebranding the channel to these topics and we will provide Daily videos, giving away cryptocurrencies for free to all our loyal subscribers!

Nothing in this video is financial advice, just opinions.



  1. hey if you want to avail intro or outro for your videos , just hit me up.

  2. this better be a joke

  3. Why i used to be subscribed to this channel? I didnt do it

  4. Jonathan Da Mayn

    Bitcoin the big revolution! Thanks for the info

  5. Don't mind all the up tight people! I like you are giving us information on an interesting topic, after all what you are doing is completely free for anyone, you giving US money is super cool. Thanks and I will continue to follow!

  6. Wot ze fuc? Where is history of games' series?

  7. Nova Revenant

    You know You can just make a second youtube channel and just promote it here while still giving evolution videos

  8. Khaos The Chameleon


    But srsly ik it's unloyal to unsubscribe from people for changing the topic of their channel, but I subbed for gaming not Bitcoin. Rip tofig 🙁


    Good discussion

  10. TheTraceurMan04

    no more video game evolution videos?

  11. david johnson

    Great video with very informative details no doubt, but still can't believe that they would ever be more trusted and reliable mining strategy for earning crypto to Mr bernard's strategy for mining the crypto market with just 0.2BTC, and he can make more than 1BTC within two weeks of any mining contract. You can contact him for more info (bernardwalterss24@yahoo.com).

  12. Pirangunter21

    Why did you interested crypto currency rather than video games evolution?

  13. Bitcoineeeeeeeeect

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