What is Bitcoin Cash?

What is Bitcoin Cash?

I talk about the history behind Bitcoin Cash and how it came into existence.

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  1. good thing is no one cares about what you think or say. say hi to your boss at digital currency group

  2. Frank Wardwell

    Write it out you babbling fool

  3. It is fraudulent shit backed by a Traitor called Roger "Turd-Burger" Ver…

  4. Grover Asylum

    so you are making this assuming more people buy our bags?

  5. Nicholas Anderson

    Please go into more detail on Bcash

  6. Can you discuss your philosophy on ethereum classic?

  7. I think you're being generous, no mention of scam centralized coin!

  8. Tell'em Jim

  9. Whats the frequency Kenneth

    Let's put it into real terms. The hard fork was created to protect the blockchain from corruption by segwit, after Blockstream made it clear that there would be no blocksize increase, even though that was agreed on in the New York agreement to happen after segwit. Since it was meant to be a compromise and Blockstream was not compromising, the hard fork was to be used to allow scaling on chain as had been agreed. With BTC fork not scaling on chain, there would be a new BCH fork, which would be both without segwit and able to scale on-chain. When Segwit2X (NYA) formally failed to happen, vendors who foresaw the worsening fee crisis, switched to BCH.

  10. Houston Observer

    Jimmy, as someone who listens to Tone Vays regularly, your post did Bitcoin no justice (it felt a bit one-sided). You didn't speak about the secret meeting in NY, or the pressures to implement Segwit or the centralization of the Bitcoin mining power. Rather, you glossed over all the politics with a wishy washy overview. Please do another video with significantly more depth and facts. I will be sure to listen to it (especially if you share your own opinions who who was right and who was wrong and WHY).

  11. New camera!? 60fps nice.

  12. lol, a truly valiant ELI5 attempt: A+ for effort; some students may have gotten lost along the way; grade 'em on a curve.

  13. … a technologically non-sustainable crypto scam

  14. And how much Bitcoin Cash does Jimmy hold?

  15. Wesley Hamilton

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  16. its a scamcoin

  17. I like to freeze Jimmy's videos and count his goatee hairs. The video quality is impeccable.

  18. TheCryptoJudge

    Thanks jimmy just wanted to say first

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