What Is Bitcoin Cash? And How To Get Some For Free – August 1st Blockchain Hardfork 019

What Is Bitcoin Cash? And How To Get Some For Free – August 1st Blockchain Hardfork 019

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  1. Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More

    watching this video as Bitcoin goes to zero….you called it BIGTIME!

  2. What is your Qoinpro referral code?

  3. How can I claim BCC if I am using bitcoin wallet

  4. Heres the rub:(xcuse please my vast ignorance on all this: BUT! suppose i double/triple etc. my Bitcoin?Bitcoin cash etc etc etc can i then convert it back to the FIAT CURRENCY- as in my small town here in B>C> Canada no one i know takes Bitcoin we still do this apparently dying fiat stuff: which if you know yr. history/Germany 1920s etc went SPLAT!! & w. the good old U.S. Fed printing off TRILLIONS! per month now (source Jim Willie) no doubt we are in an exact same position.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  5. How can you support an altcoin that was not even tested enough? (not even 3 months). You are obviously not a developer.
    Supporting a new altcoin just because it increased the block size (and at the same time dropping SegWitness) shows you really never trusted or believed in Bitcoin.
    I guess that the only reason is that you invested in Bitcoin Cash and you want it to increase in value.

  6. this makes zero sense. where is the new "free" money coming from. thin air?

  7. DigiByte is a much better coin with regards to fast transactions and scalability. If anonymity is your concern then Spectrecoin (XSPEC) is what you should turn to.

  8. Yohan Jayasooriya

    So is it worth selling my alt coins for BTC????

  9. Will the bitcoin core Qt wallet allow me to get both coins

  10. How can the average person make money from this Bitcoin cash.

  11. LeaCoin lads!!! hasnt been pumped and great cause! Get in!

  12. Wait so BTC will centralized? Now? Because you saying BCC won't be sounds like BTC will

  13. I'm still inlove with Bitcoin, that's for sure.. as for bcc? Naah ill pass!! But by the way i've heard of this coin called "BitBean" i think it's ranked 195 on the market but the amazing thing about this coin is that it has 20mb block size which is way bigger than bcc's 8mb.. my conclusion.. they should just leave bitcoin the F**k alone and let it be the king as a tribute of it sparking the movement for decentralized currencies not because of scalability.. coz there's too many coins out there that can offer better than what bitcoin can't.. but it remained number 1 and the true king because of what revolution it have started.. Guys.. Lets not forget the vision of satoshi nakamoto

  14. It doesn't seem like you know enough about this subject to be making a video about it.

  15. Spirit Immortal

    The question is how to get some free .the rest is not interesting

  16. Thanks for the very timely information. I've been meaning to transfer my BTC out of the exchange, but this info put some urgency to the matter, so now it's done! Thanks so much for keeping us up to date.

  17. and tomorrow? another split and suddenly 4 types of bitcoin? This is beginning to look like a joke.

  18. Will my bitcoin be safe in my Exodus wallet

  19. do you need to have your bitcoin in an exchange to receive bitcoin cash? Or is it ok to keep it in your wallet and still receive BCC>?

  20. coinbase will not support bitcoin cash

  21. I dont want to watch a 16min video, what do I have to do to get my BCC on August 1st?

  22. The Future Is Now

    I learned a lot from your video in reference to what to do for the split but ca you please explain the free bitcoin cash you where speaking about.

  23. BTC 1JJqS8nd5QqevwHFJMyhdhHZq1wdK5YMSe

    heh depends how much will the price of BTC be, i predict it will drop 1 or 1.5 k

  24. any thoughts about stratis?

  25. Boo.

  26. I have yet to hear any news from Keepkey if they will be supporting Bitcoin Cash or not. Do you know if they will by any chance?

  27. Can someone please give me a bitcoin so I can get some free Bitcash ?
    BTC: 1C9G7A7vTRZJ9JLCUukZZDojAKJnsm4hjd

  28. My btc wallet is locked on Bittrex so i dont think i can move my btc. Is anybody elses wallet locked?

  29. How can I turn my .5 btc to btcc

  30. Vinsensius Sitepu

    BCC is for Bitconnect.

  31. Man, you have no freaking idea what you are talking about. BCC is not 'decentralized' – the point of forking is to take control of the 'bitcoin' name – it is not different than Bitcoin Unlimited or Bitcoin XT. And done by the very same people as before. SegWit gives us basically thousands transactions per second as it allows layer 2 solutions like Lighting. BCC is just few shady characters trying their best to disguise as 'better bitcoin' and profit from it. Can you estimate – for example – what will be the effect of large block size on network stability / coherency, number of orphaned blocks? Are there any simulations or papers? Or it just few guys that said – hey lets change this number and release it as our bitcoin and fool people. And, BTW, BCC has no segwit.

  32. Abderrahim Khalek

    Born dead.

  33. The logic is that the split gives you two coin types, their value combined being the same as when they were still one.

    One will never know if the future value of the two different coin types combined would be the same as when the unspiltted Bitcoin would still exist by that time.

  34. If you do business based on emotions, you i'll broke. Who would invest money in old tech? Btc is short in days!

  35. Bitcoin Cash is history being made… it will be another win for the real free world and a loss for an attempt of corporate control. Miners will be wiser from this, they will not allow some group of developers dictating them what they should do. FUCK CORE SELLOUTS

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