What is Bitcoin Carnivory?

What is Bitcoin Carnivory?

Bitcoin Carnivory is getting more popular and this is a video to explain it.

Bitcoin Carnivory dinner on 7/25 in SF!

Express your interest in going by applying here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOa1Om4Xg4dvBbj5BOziWFghaleDx6hQc8uQM6j74YIh-Ysg/viewform

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  1. I understand that this depends upon your blood type. Some people will run into kidney trouble eating too much meat. I was a former super heavyweight powerlifter. Living a long time and being excessively muscular are inversely correlated. Some of my friends who I used to lift with at Hercules Gym (some went to WestSide in OH) are gone now even before age 60.

  2. Are you also a flat earther?
    Eating meat is totally fine imo, but claiming carnivorism is evidence based is incorrect.
    Dunning-kruger-effect regarding nutrition in play

  3. Kind of ironic with the evidence stuff…

  4. I had to check the calander if this is april 1st

  5. Jordan Peterson swears it saved his life and his daughter's life. Whatever works. He also claims to have gone 25 days without sleep so he might exaggerate a bit. Wonder if he uses btc or powerlifts.

  6. Veritas Liberabit


  7. Veritas Liberabit

    WTF!!!!!!! I vomit because of your video bro, what wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. All for bitcoin. Not much for carnivory.

  9. Weirdos with too much time and "magic money"

  10. How about you eat what you want to eat, and I eat what I want to eat. Wouldn't that be more consistent with the philosophy behind bitcoin?

  11. dactylntrochee

    Good God! Was that ever weird. How's this: pay attention to your stools (and elimination in general) in as many ways as you can. Eat accordingly. Experiment a little, if necessary. My guess is that, for those who use the observation system, meat consumption will usually follow a predictable curve over time.

  12. David Nachman

    Strange and quirky…

  13. Seems like Jimmy Song just wants the planet to self destruct before his grand kids even get to enjoy it. POW maximalism and Carnivory? Have you not seen how much carbon the meat industry emits?

  14. Dumbest thing ive heard. Nothing wrong with enjoying meat but how can you live without eating veggies and fruits?

  15. Makis Christou

    Shawn Baker is no longer a doctor he lost his degree but that doesn't disprove anything just throwing it out there… Secondly his "evidence" is anecdotal. Basically he is saying he doesn't care about the blood work he did and he feels good so that's the only thing that counts (he actually said that on the Joe Rogan podcast). His testosterone is literally lower than the average 100 year old man. His total cholesterol is through the roof. His blood sugar is as high as a diabetic person even though he doesn't eat carbs or processed food ( and there is science that explains how that works). He is literally diabetic. I am not kidding. His blood test results are objectively shit. I agree that many studies are tempered with. But what evidence is there that carnivory is a healthy lifestyle ? An anecdotal example of an ex doctor that has muscle mass? You can build muscle on almost any diet. Even a McDonalds based diet. See what CT Fletcher was doing before he got a heart transplant. He was double the size of Shawn Baker while eating McDonalds everyday. This is just an example that his looks don't indicate health. I am really curious to see any evidence about carnivory. Will be waiting…

  16. Jimmy FYI Shawn Baker isn't a Doctor anymore. His medical license was revoked for some shady stuff. AKA he's not credible as a Doctor

  17. Do not be offended I roar, jump onto the table on all fours, sabretooth my meat (rare), then retreat under the table to feast while growling at others.

  18. Brace yourselves. Soy Boys are coming…

  19. What does this have to do with hoarding BCH?

  20. Registered carnivore, Bitcoin maximalist, and new power lifter. I think for some people, it's not ok to color outside the lines in only one aspect of their lives, it has to be every aspect.

  21. I'll host my own, with an attendance of 1 here in the UK.

  22. not my real name. screw googleplus

    The evidence is flimsy at best lol come on just look at our teeth yo! We're omnivores!

  23. this is a biological/ethical nonsense. Carnivory has nothing to do with Bitcoin. Veganism is a waaaay superior ethical theory and is compatible aswell with sound money.

  24. lol Nerds are evolving into smart meat heads

  25. hahaha this!

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