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Many people have been requesting a simplified video talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrency so here you go!

Keep in mind I am far from an expert but wanted to make it easy for people to understand the basics and current news in the crypto space.

I talk a little about Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and bitcoin exchanges.

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  1. Freaking miners driving up gpu prices. I hope they all go broke

  2. I buy all my Bitcoins from Mt. Gox

  3. You do know we have the same problem with IPO's too? There are a lot of stock IPO before anything of value is created or operational.

  4. Influenced .mindset

    do more videos about bitcoin 🙂 really liked the video

  5. Really good job, explaining this Tim. I have been trading/buying BTC for 1.5 years and you did a great job. Very informative and you broke it down better then I could have. Cheers Tim!

  6. How to get started?  I have read that I need a 'wallet' what else?  I don't know where to begin.

  7. Just tell people what I tell people.

    Magic internet money controlled by squirellimuniti.

  8. Tim, stop letting the community rhetoric rule over you. It's highly centralized. Stop reciting gospel and look deeper into the story, look at practice, not theory.

    Currently both policy, creation capabilities and pure volume are controlled by a a small number of people. Look in terms of relative numbers: who owns 90% of the volume, who mines more than 99% of current production and who pushes for change of policy.

    The idea is amazing. But so is the idea of capitalism, stock markets and democracy. Don't dismiss corruption for the sake of the idea.

  9. Thanks Tim!

  10. The problem with bit coin is the higher the value, the greater the chance a hacker will want to start hacking the system. High risk for bigger payout.
    If the Government does not like what's going on they themselves can hack and crash the system. Spinning the drives to crash.
    Until they can develop a full prof system it would be to risky. Fool proof would involve no human element. AI.

  11. Make a video about Bitcoin mining and how Bitcoin actually gets its value, and why the solving of math problems instead of something entirely different?

  12. "No, it's not a bubble, it goes up !"
    "And what bubbles do ?"
    "… huh… They go up… ?"
    "Yep ! Then they pop"

    "No it's not a speculative bubble ! It's a well thought out investment"
    "And where did you heard about bitcoins ?"
    "…huh… on Youtube"
    "…Urgh… How many people watch these videos ?"
    "…huh… I don't know, millions maybe"

    "Do you know anything about technical analysis ?"
    "technical what ?"

    "It's not a speculative bubble, it's a monetary revolution !!!"
    "First, it's a currency…"
    "…huh… and there's a difference ?"

    "We're going to make the revolution thanks to bitcoin !!!"
    "So you're going to work and get paid in bitcoins ?"
    "…huh… yes, why not ?!"
    "Bitcoin can lost 400$ in a day"
    "And ?"
    "And you're going to work one day for 100$, another day for 10$…"

    "I believe in bitcoin, it's so cool it's going up, I'm going to make a lot of money out of it !"
    "I thought you believed in bitcoin ?!"
    "…huh… of course I do, I just said it !"
    "but in order to make money… you need to sell it…"
    "Duh !"
    "Sell it for what ? Dollars ?"

    "bitcoin has a value, it's no speculation !"
    "And what about the dollar ?"
    "No, the dollar is bad, we can print an infinite amount of it"
    "Do you how many crypto-currencies are created each month ?"
    "… huh… actually no"

    And I could go on and on. TIM, you don't know anything about bitcoin, economy, investment or finance, don't give financial advice to your viewers

    I feel like a least one person need to say it : Bitcoin (and cryptos in general) are in a massive speculative bubble. You hear a lot of people cheering about bitcoins, guess what ? They're traders ! They know when to buy and when to sell, and they're going to crush you. You wouldn't want to fight against Mc Gregor… So why in the world would you play against traders ?! Some people are going to make money out of bitcoin, but it's not going to be you.

  13. I have the same shitty chair. Just fyi.

  14. Just in case you're trippin about it- no one cares if you're bald, Tim. You're on the frontier of a new kind of independent journalism that's only been made possible by the internet and free content site like YouTube. You're the real deal and we love the work you do no matter what.

    On a side note is there any cross over between what you and Simon Ostrovsky do? You guys are my fav journalists.

  15. Years ago some website wanted 2 bitcoins to subscribe and I could only buy 15 bitcoins (for $10) at the time. It looked shady as fuck so I didn't buy.


  16. Decentralized currency, good. It only exists online, bad very bad

  17. You could always get actual physical coins of value instead.

  18. Tim there are riots going on all over USA why are you talking about bitcoin…. I follow you for on the ground journalism and I don't want to unsubscribe but step it up

  19. The Greatest Manifesto

    this sounds really silly and prone to a bust.

  20. It is a pyramid scheme with its only value being in how many people buy it.

  21. Trade Coin Club – Bitcoin Paradise

  22. I would love to see a more practical rather than conceptual guide for beginners in cryptocurrency.

  23. timCoin

  24. So, Ethereum seems more valuable than Litecoin… Creating a form of crypto currency sounds interesting too; I would be interested in a video that goes into that a bit more as well…

  25. Vulkan Of Nocturne

    Even my mum has bought bitcoin.

  26. mike stratocaster

    Guitar stands, Tim. They're a thing….

  27. Informative on a basic level. Thanks Tim.

  28. Thank you! I would appreciate hearing more about Bit coin and crypto currencies.

    BTW, Jr is a snake. I knew when I read what he said about Bit coin that he would be buying. Expect an snake to behave like a snake.

  29. talk to peter schiff

  30. Coinbase has an alternate site called gdax.com
    Whatever money you have on coinbase you can transfer to gdax with no charge. On top of that, you can buy and sell coin without paying fees, which is really nice for trying out your first small transactions. Also, the website is more detailed and informative than coinbase.

  31. will i earn money in dollars because of bitcoin? How will i do this? thanks.

  32. you can still own and trade portions of bitcoins, down to one onehundred millionth; you dont have to scramble to get and an entire coin in order to use it

  33. None of currencies makes sense to me, including crypto currencies.

    Wat is the relationship between cpu cycles, algorithm, processing, electricity consumption (etc) with buying a chicken?
    It is too abstract for me.

  34. http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-price-jpmorgan-looked-like-it-was-buying-after-dimon-called-fraud-2017-9
    "They are not JPMorgan orders," a spokesman said in an email to Business Insider."These are clients purchasing third party products directly."

  35. Buy Bitcoin.

  36. MMM BRASIL change your financial life with this amazing community mutual help of bitcoin, you help a person and you will receive double that aid

  37. So Ethereum can replace escrow middlemen?

  38. HODL

  39. The easiest explanation is that there is no “bitcoin” – the term, and the associated “bitcoin mining” are misnomer. The terms are improper use of the english language (…)


  40. I'm curious about cyrptos, but i'm also hesitant. It's too many variables also, it can be shut down anytime.

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