Vertcoin (VTC): A Better Bitcoin? The Next Litecoin? – Cryptocurrency Review

Vertcoin (VTC): A Better Bitcoin? The Next Litecoin? – Cryptocurrency Review

In this video I will explain the Vertcoin (VTC) cryptocurrency, and why I believe it is an undervalued coin with investment potential.

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  1. Surya Chandra

    What do you think of dbix?

  2. Brandon Pourciau

    Do you have functional ear drums sir? i am officially deaf. much thanks…..

  3. wow…good call man…wish i had of seen this video when you posted it haha i like vertcoin but scared to buy right now at $3.36

  4. It passed $3.75 today

  5. i have doubt so im just ganna leave it alone

  6. Devender Kumar

    Nice Video….

  7. OmniversoSinDios

    I´m gonna buy a tiny amount of Vertcoin, I´m an student so I have not enough money to invest but I really do love this project!
    please donate VTC!: VyDD84jamfa9KE2YN5g2k4j3N5Dr5YRLm8

  8. You can't exchange ETH for LTC/VTC/BTC, unless ETH use Lightning network. Any coin that has lightning network support, can swap with each other.

  9. I have jump into this coin. Hope to buy more for a long time run!


    VERT COIN…. compared to LTC …. buy order at 75 C…

  11. Venus flytraps

    Vertcoin is a solid investment for long term. Buy and wait. In 2020 it will be at around 50$. But you better wait until 2030.

  12. Philip Richard

    Thanks for all the Information ! Please go look at BQX I think you would love it . . .

  13. Cecil Chatman

    Love these videos CryptoFuture!!! Very informative

  14. R E D I S K O . R U

    Yahoooooooooo )!

  15. Vertcoin – Active and friendly devs. Transparent about development. Technology isn't ground breaking but solid fundamentals, the team has strong development record to date. This will increase in value, recently make its way into top 100 coins (again).

  16. Really like Navcoin, hope you do one on it

  17. Litecoin all the way!

  18. Here is my doubt about Vertcoin:
    It is absolutely possible, that this feature "Atomic Swap" has potential. However, it will just be another "Must-Have" for every cryptocurrency. If the demand for this feature is growing, so eventually more and more cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash and NEM will implement such a "Lightning Network" to enable "Atomic Swap".

    The real question is in that scenario: Why do I want to own Vertcoin, if every other cryptocurrency also introduces this feature?

    I do not see a real value proposition?

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