True Bitcoin value. Do any Altcoin fans plan to hold until 2020? Ethereum and ICOs

True Bitcoin value. Do any Altcoin fans plan to hold until 2020? Ethereum and ICOs

The Bitfinex/Bitstamp price discrepancy is a reminder that a a Bitcoin is worth a Bitcoin! Decide for yourself how badly you want a Bitcoin and price your service accordingly. Think long term. Ethereum Classic is pumping again. How many of you plan to hold your ETC until 2020? How about other Altcoins? It appears that many ICO’s are being built on top of Ethereum. How long before one of these ICO projects ends up totally ruined and becomes a DAO 2.0 type event? Be careful….

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  1. dude, you are wrong. whenever there has been a massive btc move, ltc has gone up more percentage wise. it doesn't matter whether segwit is adopted by either or not.

  2. Crypto Coin Crazy

    Adam I'm a Graphic Designer, I accept crypto as payment. Logos, banners, websites, you name it. A shout out would be awesome. Add me on Discord: Epic Designs#4211

  3. the price of pivx went down because it has serious wallet issue.

  4. Overwatch Highlights

    +bitcoinmeister where can you check new token ICO releases? Like a "log" and not news about it.

  5. 5:31 Usually your advice is great but this is straight up retarded from a investors point of view. Just because something have a greater chance of doubling in value does not mean it is a better investment because you also need to take into account which one have a greater chance of doubling down too.

    Yes ETC is smaller and therefore more volatile so it have a better chance of doubling in value compared to ETH or Bitcoins but this does not mean it is a better investment than bitcoins or ETH, just think about it Adam.

  6. Maximilian Powers

    Anyone else like pedo coin! 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆???

  7. I made my first purchase using Bitcoin 2 days ago, where I bought music album in mp3.
    It was actually pretty cool I must say. I didn't have to use any bank, not give out any of my financial details (CC details etc) and I was my own bank…. awesome feeling!

  8. Wangchen Tsering

    I am in college and as a part of RA program, I talked about crytocurrencies and help 5 friends to set up coinbase account and poloniex. Thanks for inspiring us!

    MY BTC : 14xBvCZ7jFR2nQwr1NpwgNqNyj9GZ6Sen4

  9. wait, a "bitcoin is worth a bitcoin" makes no sense to me. I mean, yeah, btc/usd is simply one rate among all btc/x, however, btc/btc is not really a thing. no one trades bitcoin for bitcoin, just saying.

  10. Something need to be done. I sent 0.115 BTC highest fees 1,5 euros and I have been waiting 3 hours for only 4 confirmations… lol
    That is not good. And I am still waiting.

  11. New Earth Administration

    Graphic has you looking like a tall teeth-grinding Smurf.

  12. Interesting choice of words. In general, Bitcoin has "holders", "users", developers, miners, etc. Shitcoins have traders and "fans"…

  13. snowboarder50000

    Every Alt-Coin fan will still be holding in 2020!

    There's constant trading of course, but Alt-Coins will only be stronger and even more widely held in 2020. Bitcoin maximalists really don't get it.

  14. Wow now I understand why no one gets my humor. Everyone in bitcoin is gay. Roger Ver is gay. That's why this insane debate is so weird and confusing

  15. Smoking week playing softball nice, Hopefully we get a bench clearing brawl when o's come to fenway in two weeks. I don't know who on the sox can take on Davis.

  16. Adam, why did you delete all my comments about Ethereum. I'm not a troll. I have a large position in Ethereum which was once primarily Bitcoin and I am here to help spread the word. The reality is that Bitcoin value is highly speculative and the future is grey. It's great to trade, but dangerous to hold. I'd rather fall asleep with a wallet full of Ether than Bitcoin. Ethereum will takeover Bitcoin. Respectfully, open your eyes. Bitcoin was the catalyst and will soon be rewarded a purple heart as we applaud it off the stage. You're over-wooed by the almighty Bitcoin, like high school puppy love.. Start dating other coins..

  17. lol Adam so many alts holders in comments. Only you and me will be rich in 2020 🙂

  18. I just realized why everyone is such a pussy in bitcoin. Mostly all gay including daddy kneeler roger. I quit twitter when I realized rog just having pms

  19. Thanks again for another informative show

  20. My Name is S H A Y N E

    I thought about it, and I will hold STEEM. I sell half, and I power up the other half. Really like steemit.

  21. arron nightingale

    I'm holding till 2030. governments will be purchasing bitcoin in the near future.

  22. 95% Bitcoin 5% Unobtanium Holding until 2020 and beyond

  23. Ill hold Litecoin till Bitcoin adopts Segwit then im selling for Bitcoin!!

  24. Hi Adam – I will sell commissioned portraits or artwork for BTC or DASH example's at link below
    tried to tweet you don't know if it worked – thank you for taking a look
    Have a lovely day

  25. Property
    SO FAR!
    No FIAT…..

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