Traders giving up on Bitcoin/Crypto? Market capitulation.

Traders giving up on Bitcoin/Crypto? Market capitulation.


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Are traders giving up on Bitcoin and crypto? What is market capitulation? Is Bitcoin dead? Will Bitcoin go back up? Will Bitcoin recover? These questions are all being asked at the moment.

Market capitulation is a real phenomenon where traders literally give up and abandon their trades/investments. When this starts happening from within the Bitcoin community, we have real market capitulation on our hands. I believe this is occurring at the moment.

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  1. The Traveling Crypto

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  2. When the cryptocurrency market exploded big money came in and shorted Bitcoin just as experts predicted. After that big money has manipulated the cryptocurrency market to death causing several growth spurts only to sell off at the highs to crash the little guy. I do not know for sure when or if the cryptocurrency market can ever be trusted again to make a bull run. If it does look for a replay of what took place in 2017. I am buying at the bottoms but worry about knowing when a new spurt is over to sell. I believe digital money will be part of the future but only to the detriment of society. The Bible predicts absolute disaster in the new world order and same has never been wrong or inaccurate. The bottom line is that cryptocurrency is only good to dabble in for profits for a very short time. Once I recoup my losses I will run away from this like a Jack rabbit fleeing the hounds.

  3. Let them give up! I'll buy cheap 🙂

  4. rdfgwefwear Okeefefawerawe

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  5. Capitulation doesn't effect me I didn't put anymore than I can get over if zero happen
    But hope this capitulation happens I'll buy there pain but neeeeds to be cheap cheap cheap to get my queens heads

  6. Yea I guess I should have backed the truck up after this video.

  7. At least no need to FOMO…. Stay out of the market, keep your USD on sideline. There will be no explosive move to the upside. If we get strong move it will break down so better stay away. If market decide it is time to go up now than it will rise really slowly trust me. Market is to afraid to make huge upside moves. No need to rush with longs.

  8. Bitmex had some serious security flaws security flaws, This exchange is getting hacked soon by some anonymous group. Beware don't cry later

  9. WTF is this talk on "Crypto", i don't call ICO scams a currency just like frequent flyer points are no currency

  10. Vartoluya bak amk trader olmuş..

  11. Respect for keeping it real brotha

  12. I'd say we are in depression, but who knows, I'm long on it, Bulls & Bears make money, Pigs get Slaughtered!

  13. REKT CITY!!!!!!

  14. Noobs are leaving,smart investors are buying. 2018 bull runs will be very different .

  15. Cash is king

  16. If everyone would sacrifice a little bit of profit they could always buy a little high so the market goes up

  17. Murray Flewelling

    there's no sign of people getting out of crypto…….people are simply moving assets around while they wait for the real bull run to start. There is no chance of this industry going anywhere!

  18. nobody has any money to invest since banks are giving people crazy stupid home loans. people are over leveraged now no more money for bitcoin people.

  19. Well I wish the traders would give up and fck off, and let's us hodlers build some value in the market, without traders constantly destroying the value by shorting it all the time

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  21. lol. ponzi scheme sinking. big deal!

  22. Priscillia Pretty

    Someone should please help me with $100 worth of me on WhatsApp +2348073284206.

  23. On a serious note, I hope you continue making videos because we need positive feedback in this market

  24. Thank you for the video, what do you think about feniks finance? I consider the most promising project in 2018.

  25. Love it man. Great video

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