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  11. You mentioned something that hit home with me, I produce video, what do you record with? I use Open Broadcaster. Anyway on to the topic, I used Paxful once, I also use Coinbase. Was going to use Xapo but it just seems unattractive to me in some ways. What is your preferred wallet for ease of use, features and versatility?

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    Just Subscribed been watching your tips for about a month and a half !!!! BTC??

  15. How long until Bitcoin (or any other coin) stabilizes? Is it even possible? I really like the idea of a decentralized global currency and a lot of people here talk about bitcoin like it will be but I just can't see that happening with how volatile it is. For a currency to work you need to know that your four dollars will still be able to buy a loaf of bread today and in the foreseeable future. Obviously currencies collapse all the time: my mother and grandmother lived through communism in Romanian and watch the value of their currency go from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands for simple household products, and in most cases people turn to a stable currency like the dollar instead of their own. Is there any way bitcoin will reach that level? Will it require global adoption? Less? Or is cryptocurrency just a pipe dream?


  16. So.. I bought $100 of bitcoin.. tried to exchange it in my wallet for bitconnect.. now there is zero dollars in my balance and it says that they will not refund me… guess it's worth a shot. Please help me get started.


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  22. i am currently not in the U.S. and i want to buy bitcoin. the problem is that when i try to make a wallet, these websites require me to receive a text message code. my U.S. number is inactive over here and my local cell phone (foreign) does not work. is there a place to buy bitcoin without such verifications?

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  24. Have you seen bitpetite? Looks like a scam

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  26. hey I'm new to all this bit coin stuff and the fact that you put out this video helped me out. I will be looking forward to your content.


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  30. Hey what you thoughts on ETHconnect it just like bitconnect but with ethereum prices starting at .50 and company says it might be 200 by August 2018 I'm definitely going to invest these btc if i win.

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  34. Clarissa Hernandez

    Trevon which site do you use to buy bitcoin? I'm planning to do a first time purchase.

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  37. Guys check this out. Ethconnect is literally an exact copy of Bitconnect except it is Etherium based. I have a great feeling about this shit! Also has a WAY cleaner website, whitepaper, and lending program etc… ICO starts Nov 1st. I just might make you rich so register under me.. Thanks homies:

  38. Fast and Easy use Coinmama fees are 5% but it super fast and simple

  39. Awesometurtle16

    What are your thoughts on electroneum selling out in it’s ICO phase?

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