Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Buying Bitcoin

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Buying Bitcoin

Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy Bitcoin? You have come to the right place. We’ve researched over 30 BTC exchanges to bring you our top 10 recommended exchanges in 2017.

Our review video gives you the lowdown on the biggest pro and con of each exchange helping you to make the decision on which trading platform to use.

For your convenience we’ve added the sign up links to the top 10 best exchanges below.

So what are you waiting for? Start buying and selling Bitcoin today!

Coinbase –
Changelly –
Coinmama – – Under Construction
Bitbay –
BitPanda –
HitBTC –
Coinhouse –
247exchange –


  1. How To Make Sushi

    Look in to ALQO coin
    good luck 🙂

  2. Christopher Kuhn

    I've also listed the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges without getting any affiliate commissions.. swing by my site for a free bitcoin training video course and free ebooks to become a master at crypto and bitcoin!

  3. Кстати, Регистрация на лучшей бирже временно открыта!!!! Так что ещё успейте завести аккаунт

  4. Matt Sandifer

    These exchanges are ok but the best new exchange by far is Kucoin seriously go check it out. Best UI, new coins added the quickest, it's a no brainer. Use code E3afjN for 50% all trade fees for the first two weeks.

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  10. Yaser Newbazar

    Nice video

  11. From Da BottomTv

    Okay, let's set the record straight. Joining bitconnect, USI whatever it is you're joining for the 1% guaranteed is up to you and your choice. Yes is free to join. Yes it's free for your friend to join. But why not join as a team member and you get 7-10% for referring. Which bitconnect, USI or whatever pays you and not out of your friends Funds.

  12. Talking about 5 of them here. What to buy & who to listen to.

  13. Video gives a clear idea about cryptocurrency and exchanges. Thanks for the info!

  14. Good and simply explanation.

  15. This is very nice video! I agree with you, Coin-base is really the best site for bitcoin exchange.

  16. Rodrigo Alves

    Excellent video about Bitcoin. Thanks

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  22. Kasumi Gyoubu

    A bunch of ideas I did not know until now in this video. And from my point of view this is one of the best trading platform available on mobile app, or websocket. Keep it up.

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