Today in Bitcoin (2018-05-04) – Bitcoin targets $10K Breakout – Lawsuit – Arizona Taxes

Today in Bitcoin (2018-05-04) – Bitcoin targets $10K Breakout – Lawsuit – Arizona Taxes

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Bitcoin Sets Sights Above $10K After Bull Breakout – CoinDesk

Plug Pulled on Bitcoin.Com Lawsuit After Donation Shortfall –

Arizona’s Bid to Accept Crypto for Taxes Suffers Setback – CoinDesk

Bitcoin price: How to value bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies—in theory — Quartz

He Fled an Iceland Prison. Now He Wants to Go Back. – The New York Times

Goldman Sachs Delays Bitcoin Trading Desk Plans in Favor of Derivatives – The Merkle

Twitter Bots Cryptocurrency Impersonation Scam Nets $1,500 | NewsBTC

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “Now my imitator is called “MadBitcoins1” — @TwitterSupport is there truly nothing you can do? Just going to let my audience get frauded? Sounds liable.…”

Nick Szabo on Twitter: “Gold has severe flaws. Physical locality makes it less secure and far more transactionally local, and thus more vulnerable to politics and less sound, than we can now achieve with Bitcoin, with good key management and taking advantage of its trust-minimized global settlement.…″

Nick Szabo on Twitter: “Aztecs took gold tribute from their subject tribes. Spanish conquistadors looted the Aztecs. Sir Francis Drake looted Spanish galleons. Seizing gold vaults was a universal war objective. Many politicians have controlled monetary systems by controlling gold. Now we can do better.…″

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  1. Christian Anthony

    I want MORE reverb!

  2. Hy. What kind of bitcoin now. Can i mining and get withdraw ? Please help me. Cause i have any confuse

  3. is one you should have your eyes on… All star Team, 23 full time Team members, very experienced with many developers. Backgrounds include Koreas largest tech company Kakao, Ebay, Yahoo,Valve, EA, Ubisoft, Riot Games and more.
    Includes Dae-sik Kim the Founder and former CEO of Bithumb
    Includes Keunil WangCEO at Coinbin and Korbot
    Advisors include Founder of Dayli Financial Group, CEO of Dayli Financial Group, CEO of the LOOP, VP of Global Partnerships, Activision’s Director Market Operations Asia.
    Platform launch in Q2, with Blockchain mainnet launch in Q3.
    Partnership with Korean giants The Loop and ICON.
    Targeting a well-established and active industry
    Unique concept with mass market appeal
    Very low-cost tokens on offer
    Fee-less, Borderless payments
    Worldwide appeal for their concept
    Aiming to penetrate gaming, e-commerce, transportation, mobile phone payment industries.
    50 page very well written white paper

  4. Thomas, you gotta get a wired lav mic. Rode makes good stuff. It’ll eliminate the echo immediately.

  5. Vitor Miguel Ferreira

    Hi Thomas! Shotgun mic pickup patter is getting everything in the room. Try a cardioid condenser mic instead.

  6. 07:10 – Those Scam bots and their foolish victims, MAD I tell you, MAD lol!😅 #NoSuchThingAsFreeLunch 🚫 #NeverGoFullRetard

  7. Get news review but the sound is shit.

  8. Goldman is nothing if not derivatives. I bet they come up with some whole new crypto-derivative that nobody ever thought of… like maybe some crazy bundling of BTC', ETH and XRP – the BEX! 🙂 Maybe Buffett will buy it…

  9. Echo is back

  10. I think you need some acoustic foam panels in your studio

  11. Nice lighting and set!

  12. Dude this is super awesome, I definitely see this been a hit.

  13. Looks GREAT!!! Get the sound right and it will be your best work yet!

  14. Cant wait till crypto is just like gold and nothing but derivatives. Even if only 21mil exist idiots will still be buying the derivatives.

  15. Have you thrown out all the room's content again? you sounded metallic, like the space ships only movies you recommended.

    Thanks for today's news, great as always.

  16. Thomas Huntwalker, use the Forcechain. It is the Way of the Moon (of Bit-dor).

  17. World Crypto Network

    ordered sound proofing. will try a different mic on monday or something. =[8-)

  18. Yep fake news about lawsuit.

  19. im sure twitter is making those fake accounts, why else can they keep reproducing at a alarming rate without fail.

  20. Glad to see you stopped with the Myer multiple

  21. Thomas, please get yourself a decent microphone, your sound is horrible, and not the first time. Thanks for your content though

  22. Dude, love your show but fix the sound.

  23. OMG The echo got worse! xD
    FFS thomas just buy yourself a Heil PR 40 and be done with it!

  24. General Byzantine

    Put on the hat, that would already improve the reverberation 10%…

  25. Audio sounds like you are talking inside a large empty space! LOL

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