Today in Bitcoin (2018-02-26) – Circle buys Poloniex, Segwit Everywhere & Mad Predictions Come True

Today in Bitcoin (2018-02-26) – Circle buys Poloniex, Segwit Everywhere & Mad Predictions Come True

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‎10221.65 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

BTC-USD Price | World Crypto Network

Bitcoincharts | Charts

Poloniex joins Circle

Bulletproofs: The Latest Technique to Improve Bitcoin’s Confidentiality –

Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 With ‘Full Support’ For SegWit Get… | News | Cointelegraph

SegWit is Coming to Coinbase and Bitfinex’s Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin Bitterness Starts to Make Messy Divorces Even Worse – Bloomberg

Cryptocurrency strip club opens in Las Vegas where customers can pay ‘secretly’ via bitcoin | The Independent

Nearly Half of 2017’s Bitcoin-Backed ‘ICO’ Projects Have Collapsed | Fortune

Bitpay Bans Payments to Merchants of Explicit Content, Cloud-Mining and Gambling – Bitcoin News

Original Pizza Day Purchaser Does It Again With Bitcoin… | News | Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Startup Backer BnkToTheFuture Closes $33 Million ICO – CoinDesk

Poll: Bitcoin More Popular With Czechs than the Euro – Bitcoin News

Anonymous Bitcoin Buyer Spends $400 Million | Fortune

Amelie Arras Prepares to Defend Bitcoin’s Title at Money 20/20 Asia Race

Elon Musk Revealed How Much Bitcoin He Owns | Money

Bitcoin spikes $700 higher in sudden move

Bitcoin Eyes $10K, But Price Outlook Favors Bears – CoinDesk


  1. Thanks Thomas. FYI you have the numerator and denominator reversed in the Mayer Multiple calc.

  2. Can you please record your voice at a higher volume level?

  3. One Bitcoin Buy Sell

    Great NEWS.

  4. You can find Mayer Multiple on Twitter. They tweet it each day.

  5. Yea you need to level that, in between what it was at the end and the rest of the vid is perfect

  6. Audio is very low

  7. low end of audio is way too high. my subwoofer is thumping from this vid lol

  8. The reason why people like Musk and Wozniak are billionaires is because you never admit to owning lots of money. Wozniak had his Bitcoins "stolen". Elon has 0.2 BTC. YEAH RIGHT!

  9. Corn for porn!!

  10. When tradition@l banks get involved the shit gets expensive…

  11. Finally you came out of the editing mode and you spoke. You know we love listening to your voice and what you have to say. The programme was soothing and engaging. Thank you for it.

  12. wtf is bcash

  13. Andrew McMillan

    Great to see you got the volume sorted, even if it was at the very end! Great content though

  14. Thomas, don't you watch any other BTC videos? The man's name is pronounced MAY-er as in the month of May. I've been waiting for you to figure that out for months.

  15. big fan of yours. Its the opposite – Bitcoin price / 200 Day MA

  16. Very glad you're back.

  17. thank You! but I was missing a very important news of today:

  18. Trace pronounces his own name M"A"yer… like May-er. Not Mi-er. Sad you can't pronounce it correctly when there is ample opportunity all over the Internet to listen to Trace pronounce his own name. Unless you change, it will only serve to diminished your own credibility. For such a big reader, it's sad you keep getting his name wrong.

  19. welcome back

  20. Attention Coinbase haters. BTC going to 25k EOY.

  21. i can't comment on live videos for some reason but great show

  22. Volume was low

  23. Thanks!

  24. You actually got the mayer multiple backwards, its currently 10200/8600, or ~1.18.

  25. Thanks for your work!

  26. Where the hell have you been ?! I need your daily voice to hold this gold mine .. But honestly, you okay Thomas ?

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