Tips for Small Bitcoin Miners to Maximize Their Advantages

Tips for Small Bitcoin Miners to Maximize Their Advantages

Small Bitcoin miners have some advantages over large Bitcoin miners. They need to make sure they use their skills to lower their costs, improve their mining flexibility, and keep it a profitable and fun business.

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  1. Awesome video, thank you for sharing your knowledge to the world.

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  3. Thank you great info. You are the man. 🙂

  4. congrats guys im sure ur making it good and well.. hold on for the wild ride ahead

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  6. Such a great explanation, I really appreciated your videos!!! can you please talk in one of your next videos about exchanging BTC to USD as medium size miner? there is not really good info about it. thanks

  7. Very nice. Good points. What about cloud mining? That would eliminate many of the issues. Is it convenient?

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  9. Excellent presentation for small bitcoin miners. Presenter has provided detail information to start small mining operation. Appreciate his effort.

  10. Is it worth it mine with just one ASIC machine? Is it profitable? Or is scale mandatory?

  11. This is awesome. I am setting up a small space with 10 L3+. I need some advice, would you be open for a conversation please.

  12. good vid thanks 😀 😀

  13. Thanks man for all the good info you gave us!

  14. well, atleast i dont have to worry about bills anymore thanks to these guys

  15. Hello Rolf,
    Your information and the way you lay things out are awesome. It has been a pleasure to watch, read and learn from you. Being new to mining I got an antminer S9 did some mining on slushpool and wanted to see BTC get transfered to my wallet. It was a small amount .03 but when it got to my wallet it was .011. I understand fees but do not understand what happened. I have read about peek times, wait times, etc (transfered sunday morning). I have found nothing in my readings that would indicate such a fee. Could you point me in the right direction to figure this out. I know you are busy and apologize for more than likely a common question among the new folks.
    Better yet layout a rule of thumb or guideline for dummy's to look over so we don't make the same mistake twice. Appreciate your help and thank you in advance for your time.

  16. thx a lot, more or less exactly my plan 😀

  17. Really loved this video – Really informative for anyone looking to set up a small/start cryptocurriency mining business.

  18. 100 s9 miners will generate nearly nearly 1million$ a year, so if you pay your maintenance employees that much hire me right now

  19. thank you!

  20. Thank you for sharing. You’re awesome!

  21. Sir, I want to start mining bitcoin, but I have no idea which components do I have to buy specially the graphics card.

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  23. Thank you for these videos. Do you have one where you explain what’s the nature of your LLC etc? More “legal” oriented. I’m just starting but I want to do it right. Thanks again! great info!

  24. When i think of small miners i think of someone at home with a nice PC and video card paying way to much for electric. Not a warehouse and all that expensive stuff. lol

    so, lets say jon doe bought $25 worth of bitcoins in jan 2011 @ .11 cents each, close to 224 coins. And now that bitcoins are up to $7,000 USD each, he wants to cash out a few of them(thats over $1 million worth of coins). And he doesnt have an accountant.
    What should jon doe do if he wants to cash a few in?
    Should he hire an accountant or just move a few and pay the tax man?
    Are they taxable like selling stocks or bonds?

  25. DON’T trust They are a scam and will steal your money. You will never receive your miner or a reply. Total thieves!!!!

  26. Thank you for your time

  27. great video. just subscribed.

  28. i need help getting a hardware list to get started

  29. $900 Bitcoin LOL

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    audio is bad gotta work on that

  31. Thanks, this really is superb advice. Very professional, clear and concise as others have mentioned. Kudos!

  32. Great videos! I have two questions. How do you register your llc, as a data center or something else?
    Also do you think that PoW might become obsolete due to the PoS and other concepts?
    Thank you.

  33. Thank you very much sir! This topic needs a lot more people that can clearly express themselves as you have. I hope to find more recent material you've put out.
    –Robb Sparks, solutioneer

  34. Great video – What would the capital requirement be to start mining?

  35. Great review, small miner here… I am running 5 miners now, check the videos on my channel

  36. stellios skouloudis

    1 tech to 30 gpu miners is pushing it! It’s not easy, once you have more then 100 gpu rigs it ‘s pretty much your new “full time job”. Once you have more then 200+ gpu miners then consider getting at least 1 helper part time.

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