The REAL Reason Why Bitcoin is Surging Higher

The REAL Reason Why Bitcoin is Surging Higher

Bitcoin has surged higher today, and the bottom we had been predicting is now coming closer to reality. So what is going on? We explain in the video.

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  1. Jacob Abramov

    You're analysis is brilliant and very accurate! 👍🙏

  2. Bitcoin isnt going anywhere near 20k again.

  3. 30 seconds in and I already liked the vid!

  4. Subscribed after watching your last few vids. Really helpful and interesting. Thank you.

  5. Yeah yeah ok ok ok ok you had it all right.. this whole video is about that.. just give us info don't boost yourself the whole video

  6. Re 1999 stock market crash, mimic

  7. Could someone please explain to me Bitcoin vs Credit? Say someone releases a video about Bitcoin to become the national currency. One counter-argument that I never see Bitcoin enthusiasts address is credit. It strikes me that you could not have a credit or loan system with bitcoin because it requires the person to have the bitcoin available. Most economies rely heavily on credit, if Bitcoin became a national currency, how would this be solved?

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  9. Inverse H+S breakout.

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  11. Albert Dudycz

    Love your stuff. Keep going at it Alessio! Don't let the haters get you down. A realistic and well considering voice like yours is more than welcome in this world.

  12. Bernard Macarius

    Congrats sir! I am indeed impressed with your knowledge and skills. Thank You for sharing with the rest of us. I am sure many corporate head hunters will be flooding you with offers. I hope you still will help the average person analyse this complex market however, you do what is best for you and I respect that. I just wish I knew who is using whos data as I am now hearing the exact same material you are stating with exception of your time data.

  13. How come I missed you so long not watching your channel about crypto. You are accurate and loving it. I am going to make sure not to miss your future post. Thanks for the precise stuff.

  14. Now on a fun note😁😁😁, Tonny Vays is MIA….. me thinks he is on the short list….

  15. Thank you again for these excellent videos which really enables better decision making. Now time to put on our big girl/boy pants and take responsibility for what we do with the information. Thank you!

  16. BadBoyBarbosa

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  17. Thank you for so much value, Mr. Rastani! I really appreciate your work for the bitcoin community. Greetings from Poland.

  18. Nice video. Keep it up. Donate bitcoin to wikileaks:

  19. Thank you Alessio, good video as always:) I enjoyed it a lot

  20. Killing the Bears!

  21. Bitcoin is a Pyramid Scheme! It went from $0 to $7K in no time for no reason.

  22. I prefer the term “Shawl” to “Heard”. Works better with the “Whale” analogy.
    I’m loving this bull run but not convinced the shorts won’t come back around 7800 to 8000. I might even if it looks weak.

  23. Agree with you, the inside reality which many people don't know is these type of pumps are made by exchanges e.g bitmax etc they use the same shorting money of users to pump it higher and take profit by winning the bet and profit, and people who short loose all money, this is how crypto market works, Iam day trader and make hue profits every day

  24. The uninformed majority that sold / short their bitcoin at $6K will not re-enter the market at $10K, $15K or even $20K BTC. They'll re-enter it with FOMO at $60K BTC, then sell it all again as $BTC falls to $20K.

  25. Alessio, can you do a video on silver?

  26. Yup ! 🤗😂😉💰 Your videos are awesome !!! Please Bragg more…
    #electra #bitcoin #achain #Neo #Krios #Icon #Crypto

  27. Best channel,Thanks for the good educated video''s

  28. Best analysis, very professional.

  29. Nicholas Casey

    Thanks! Bought in at 61.8 fib 🙂 Thanks for the info

  30. Saurabh Bagal

    Write a book about signs and signals and patterns study of a market charts and i'd be the 1st to buy it …You're the best analyser i love to watch ♥️

  31. nightdevil22666

    Is it gonna hit the ATH before december?

  32. great analysis, thanks for sharing

  33. Well done Alessio, another great video, always liked you brother, ever since you pissed on the BBC presenter's cornflakes 😉 – keep up the simple, clean, no bullshit common sense TA and well done for constantly letting the people know they should disregard the media when it comes to fundamentals for the most part 🙂 all the best, TMR! 🙂

  34. Fantastic analysis, best crypto channel by a mile.

  35. its happening because somebody threw 20B into bitcoin in 15 min time you bragging d!ck

  36. niels Eijzenga

    i bought unfortunately last year at a point where it was very high , and now i lost allot of money, do you suggest i should hodl ?
    or actualyly buy more at this low point ?

  37. U r always correct.. thanks..

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