The Next Big Coin Rising FAST [Bitcoin $18000] – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 12/16

The Next Big Coin Rising FAST [Bitcoin $18000] – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 12/16

The Next Big Coin Rising FAST [Bitcoin $18000] – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 12/16/2017 –

A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Bitcoin climbs to new heights and is now above $18000. The next big coin TRON is now reaching new heights and isn’t stopping. Cardano and Verge reviewed. A secret new pick coming…

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  1. Great vids man, follow everyday.

  2. SilkSatin Paradise

    There are probably a lot of people sitting in prison who owned Bitcoin before they were arrested, and are going to find out that they are very rich as soon as they get out.

  3. There's been a VERY odd prophecy about ETN. Don't know if you believe in this stuff ?

  4. I have been using this site for a week know and have been impressed with the results(very user friendly)

  5. Thank you. Looking forward to your beginners' guide video(s).

  6. Jonathan Carpenter

    What is the best alt-coin trading platform?

  7. What do you think about BTC's spiking, coincidentally, after Tether minted another 100 million in tokens? What is the Bulgarian Gov. going to do with their massive BTC seizure that's equal to 1/5 of their National debt? Twitter is alive with comments about Bitfinex/Tether "canary warrants."

  8. Cardano almost 13B the very next day lol. These markets are nuts.

  9. invest in crypterium its the next big thing,to buy&to know more about crypterium go to

    Get 50% more tokenpaycoins.

  11. What do u think about Lisk and verge?

  12. … and the very same day this video was released Cardano more than doubled.

  13. I have a real off-the-wall question. Do more specific crypto, like THC have possibilies or can eth/litcoin or even xrp accomplish the same tactic that THC is trying and therefore the idea behind THC is worthless.

  14. Verge baby!!

  15. I think you just made the wrong opinion with Cardano. Its flying today

  16. What about vertcoin? Notice a lot of youtubers skip over it and I think it's massively undervalued… Might wanna talk about it and explain how it's a good play as an alternative to litecoin since it was a fork off of it.

  17. Demetrius Walls

    Love your videos. You're my top 3 for information. Keep the good information coming brother. let's all get rich

  18. Gurminder Bhogal

    Hello Mate, What is your Insider about… is it for day trading or long term investment tips ?

  19. Fuckkkinnnnnggg Coinbase wait time is KILLING me!!!

  20. Love the channel and the valuable well researched thoughts on investing! So many alt-coins are being invested in lately, any chance you could do a review on a non-hardwallet? I have a nano-S but am searching for a versatile alt wallet. Thanks so much!

  21. hehe is there any posibilities that the "secret" coin you mentioned in the last minutes is WABI? if not could you check them out and give a very short comment about them on my youtube comment? i think they got a huge potential and great adaption. i'm not an insider (yet) but i'm probably gonna be in the future. you give great information in your videos and you've helped me undertand how the cryptocurencies market works. i'm always looking forward to your next video and what news you have. keep up with the great videos! i think your channel will be at least 10x bigger in 2018.

  22. Wabi?

  23. People are sleeping on IOTA, i'm buying more.

  24. Sophia Lazaroff

    Love your videos George.

  25. what should i invest in with 1000 dollar? please help me sounds like u know more than me

  26. ur so good

  27. thank the universe that i stumbled upon your great mind! thanks for making this videos
    when you make the beginner videos could you please step it up to experienced beginners if that is a term and learn us the chart tools you use and so on …
    Thanks again for the great videos , keep up the robin hood roll in this modern middel ages!

  28. can anyone please advise how to become an insider at!!

  29. I have my first amount of money dropping today in my account what the best plays for me right now? I welcome everyone's suggestions!

  30. thanks for the information great channel man!

  31. his secret coin is WABi go do research also Ambrosus and vechain has big clients already these are real business underrated

  32. Yes! I definitely agree with Chris Frees, I look forward to watching your videos every day. You're extremely thorough with your opinions, and have clearly done your research. Please keep the videos coming, you're the man!

  33. Great Videos. How do you feel about SC (Sia Coin) . i Really like this coin. They have a real world solution to File Storage and are actually doing it now. You can download the ui and try it !

  34. Keep up the good work son, great pointers and insight. You're the man.

    Arise bank seem worthy? I'm looking into it although we missed the private presale.

  35. Cryptopanic website available on android just now, follows a cryptonews everywhere :

  36. What you think about vertcoin? Low supply on $8, worth holding 6-12 months?

  37. But do these gains in the alt vs the USD mean anything if they are lower against BTC ? ( even an alt that’s up X10 can still be down against BTC ) and its even worse over the long haul.

  38. Good video as always … keep up the good work

  39. Robery Hannaman

    Great video, others don't go over all the Alt coins like you do

  40. Thanks for the good tips and most important you talk straight with no caveats…..keep the videos flowing… you have any comment on Crypterium ICO?

  41. Christina Storey

    For sure there is more dumb money coming in & when ETF and standard product-forms develop…. I think that many of your same assessments can be made regarding HY bonds, and with regards to momentum also index share prices (relative to actual earrings e.g. minus buy back share price support).

    A 'bubble' is a wise investment when there is consensus belief in its price (Amazon +10% in a day) and an 'irrational delusion' when collective beliefs about price or 'value' (which is always a reflection of beliefs, not facts) break down.  

    And flows into crypto are likely going to keep coming from those who are diversifying Into crypto as a way of protecting against the popping of other asset classes.  And there is huge amounts of very dumb money on other classes… 😉

  42. WAAABIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. JMvloot van der

    hello where do i sign up for the insider program. thx

  44. btw.. u caught my attention for my decision to send u my comment at this point when u said, "doge" that u really don't know why it's going up..
    it's one of the first those alt coins coins that i noticed when i entered this crypto world..
    it was 3 times lower than now..
    so i thought it could be a good deal to buy it but i had not idea that time how n./or where to get even that bit..
    it was hard to get it here, but i'm building up my sources, n i know where to get it now..
    everything is just taking time like those wallets, exchanges, or wallets that provide debit cards, etc.
    so i expect that dodge to go up as well..
    i think u should take a look at it closer, bro..
    it's still a good buy i think

  45. You are wrong about IOTA. The only thing IOTA is doing with Microsoft is using Microsoft Azure cloud services.

  46. What website is he on?

  47. why does everyone skip Populous(PPT)? It was$17 last week now its almost $50

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