The Forks Are Coming + What It Means – ETH, Bitcoin Gold, B2X, Getting Real Information – CMTV Ep64

The Forks Are Coming + What It Means – ETH, Bitcoin Gold, B2X, Getting Real Information – CMTV Ep64

As October moves forward we are getting closer to the two latest Bitcoin Forks that could cause a surge in FUD throughout the markets. In today’s video we’re going to talk about what it means for the price of BTC and also an important discussion about getting information that will make you BIG profits.


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JP Morgan Transaction Platform:
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  1. 1,25 speed

  2. Krepkichay 23

    Can someone say something funny about this amature graph haha XD

  3. Crypto allows us to be J P Morgan.

  4. When moon?

  5. Your insight and keen observations about what's going on in this space have been really helpful to me so thank you! For this episode, I was surprised not to hear anything about the Stellar + IBM announcement. Any thoughts on that?

  6. What coins does this guy suggest you invest in? Anyone knows?

  7. Great content as usual! Thanks for all your efforts .A question I ask myself before buying a coin in my long term portfolio  is… "Will it still be here in 5 years?" There are many coins/tokens that have very interesting cutting edge technologies  but that doesn't necessarily mean they will figure out a way to monetize it.(i.e. LISK, QTUM, Ark) Could large capitalized entities  like ETH who are much more established, better financed,  with many big corporate  connections,  find ways to copy/improve on the these other  technologies or buy it out all together?. Just a thought

  8. Fake news filter = OnGsocial

  9. Darius Askari

    Hey Carter so glad to see these shorter videos. Much easier to digest and more efficient. Love the content brother. Thanks for doing what you do.

  10. I bought BTC at 5700… is it likely to go atleast 5800 in the coming day so i can sell and wait for another dip ?

  11. In theory, all things being equal, the price should drop after fork by proportion of market cap on new alt-coin chain such as BTG or b2X but then again nothing is as it seems and price rallied after Bcash split since all the nay sayers went away from Bitcoin to play with their new toy bcash, and the price went up. At this point there is so much upward price pressure, any increase in certainty post-forks may result in positive price movement.

  12. What do you mean by sustained drop? Are you expecting BTC to drop before the fork? Why would that happen?

  13. That wework office though! Aha nice mate

  14. You mean SegWitGold?

  15. you guys gotta check out ecash.. steady grow & limited supply

  16. Seal of Approval

    Very Difficult to listen to your vids mate, its the Bass its up too high…….. Is it me and my subwoofer or is anyone else having this aswell ?

  17. Nice video. Why would other banks or FIs use JPMorgan's blockchain?

  18. Carter – time after time you open your excellent videos by urging us to go to But, even though I have done so several times, and have clicked on the necessary, entered ny name and entered my email, NOT ONCE have I heard from you. Why don't you get a pal of yours to try it out and to report to you on the result. You may discover that NOBODY has yet received an email from you.

  19. James Forteze

    You keep talking about getting information nobody else has, but that is basically insider trading. I know there are no laws for crypto right now, but it's hard to get inside information regarding JP Morgan. I am a big fan of Coin Mastery, but telling people to go out and find out what JP Morgan is planning before it's public is pretty crazy advice and virtually impossible for everyone but a small handful of people.

  20. I thought that bitcoin cash had a pre-market on some Chinese exchanges like Yobit?

  21. Mohamad Shafik

    That mic is awful man

  22. The Daniel Law Firm, P.C.

    another great video…always good sound content. as you said, good information is critical and the keen eye sees what's found between the lines and, sometimes, by omission

  23. That's why I believe in paid groups.

  24. Where do you do these videos from? It looks like an office cubicle?

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