The Daily Economist update for Nov. 29 2017 – Gold, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Report

The Daily Economist update for Nov. 29 2017 – Gold, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Report

Economic, financial, and geo-political discussion on important events that are shaping our world, and your wallet. –


  1. Taylor Collins

    Awesome report Ken – great variety of news and revelations regarding the economy, cryptos and the future of US taxpayers. Bravo (once again), and thank you.

  2. MyNameisCraigGrant ThisIsMyBitcoinWallet.

    Love how he calls those cocksuckers the cartel. 🤣👌

  3. Taylor Collins

    I don't know the background but why would Warren Buffet waste his time with a pop culture piece of trash like Katy Perry

  4. Eric Junai Fincke

    You have a grasp of what is happening and I really enjoy your research and perspective.

  5. Gold Banking Specialist


  6. Congrats on 2K, should be MUCH more!

  7. Fredrik Lübbing

    Thank you, Mr Schortgen, for you great news and knowledge ! Love from Sweden. You are one of my top 10 news channels… 🙂

  8. michael holiday

    pple think that if it has a crypto backed element it is secure… it all depends on if you have the actual stuff

  9. michael holiday

    snore with asset backed crytos…. open to the same fraud as centrally held metals. it would have to have full transparancy

  10. A beacon of light in a dark financial jungle… Common Sense insight for once…

  11. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    2k! amazing Ken

  12. Congrats on making the 2k. Honestly I don't get why you don't have more subscribers. Your info is golden and analysis is wayyyy ahead of the mainstream.

  13. Ken
    Congratulations on 2000
    Keep doing what you are doing

  14. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    What about goldmoney… it looks like people are hellbent on ignoring it…

  15. Ken
    What happens when the correction of the dollar is worth .04 then bitcoin will be worth how much?

  16. What would happen “IF” someone who was a billionaire purchased as much physical gold as he could find? Could one person make an impact where the physical price would jump up to a point where the paper gold program could be impacted? Would this have a negative impact on the stock market? On the bond market? Or would the price then be set in two different points, Paper gold and Physical Gold?

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