The Daily Economist update for Nov. 25 2017 – Gold, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Report

The Daily Economist update for Nov. 25 2017 – Gold, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Report

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  1. I was just wondering were they converting the BTC back into fiat? Or were they using a platform to but the gold straight with BTC? And was that actual or paper gold?

  2. Great commentary as always Ken. For now gold and silver are like keeping "pet rocks" in that in recent years they have essentially gone nowhere in price, unlike most stocks, cryptos and all other paper and digital assets for that matter. But, one can be quite certain that when the debt based world economies and currencies start taking serious nosedives, then gold and silver will shine, and its value will soar. Yes, when the stock market and paper currencies and sovereign economies all successively go into a free fall due to excessive debt and over-evaluations, then gold and silver will have its "day" once again. The heart of the matter is that gold and silver is money in and of itself, and people around the world by instinct know this about gold and silver—they know that gold is the “gold standard” and is the soundest and surest of all monetary assets. The only other asset that even comes close to gold and silver is real estate.

  3. If all of these overseas countries keep buying gold, shouldn't we be out of new gold? The mines are reporting lower yields and so much of the above ground gold has gone "east", when do we start seeing shortages in physical gold?

  4. So easy to get free electricity. Its all a total scam. More corporate slavemasters (power companies). Ever try to unplug from the grid?

    Kinda fuddish Ken.

  5. Maybe uranium is the way to go. Fiat is cheaper. Given less the 2% of daily global transactions are executed with cash you could say we already are cashless. Then there is, less than  5% of the planet makes more than 3 dollars a day. It's a scam

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