Surviving Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Crashes & Tails Vosk Health Update

Surviving Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Crashes & Tails Vosk Health Update

Cryptocurrency is a wild world, and being a miner of crypto as well as an investor it takes a forward thinking mindset to ensure I don’t make irrational emotional decisions and lose all the cryptocurrency and money that I have worked so hard for. I discuss my overall mindset that helps me make the most money in crypto (at least for me) and honestly just allows me to relax some.
Cryptocurrency Explained Body of Water Analogy @00:13
Charlie Lee of Litecoin & my opinion of his LTC cash out @02:17
Cryptocurrency Explained Ocean Analogy (continued) @03:38
Tails Vosk Health Update @08:15
Tails Vosk Hot Pursuit @15:24

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  1. Michael Poole

    I took a day off to bury my partners cat once and did not lose my engineering job. Hope that helps. Thanks for the crypto philosophy.

  2. Arrowood Fodor

    Being successful at ICO trading does not mean that you will not suffer some losses. Rather, it means that you will be able to strike a decent winning ratio. I have personally used FIRST MILLION ROAD System before. A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me Andy Lank System.

  3. Respect.

  4. levan makharadze
    registr and get 30gh/s bonus 1 year!

  5. Allen Draugelis

    Good luck Tails!

  6. HashinStash99801

    some deep shit brah

  7. Hi Vosk, would like to share about hush coin? and how to mine it?

  8. CryptoWolf Airman

    you did the right thing by standing by your tails 🙂

  9. Léo Sobreiro

    Hi buddy, there are another channel uploading your videos:

  10. Harssh s shrivastava

    Charlie's reason to sell Litecoin is very ethical one which initially tough to digest but very meaning full. He sold all hi shares because his every comment was targeted as an effort to increase Litecoin price which in other sense would make him PnD person … So he sold all litecoin as to get rid of any chance to be named as market manipulator.

  11. Oh man you make me wanna get a shiba inu Looks like the most adorable dog ever im so
    glad tails is feeling better fingers crossed she gets all healthy again

  12. Mate, if you ever quitting crypto mining I highly recommend becoming a life coach! You will be a millionaire! Awesome video! G from Down Under 🙂

  13. Frederick Rincon

    Respect mate, you have wise words and the heart at the right place. Wish you huge profits!

  14. Im loving the content bro!! you are right on the money!! pun intended! lol What are you using to edit your videos? I've got a 6 card rig 2x 1070tis 2x 1070s 2x 1060, what would you recommend mining?

  15. Ive watched u and tails on and off all year and im sorry to hear about her and hope she does ok and hope 2018 will bring u much coin . pretty inspirational thank you.

  16. Buy-in low, sell-out high

  17. I hope it 100% crashes

  18. Malon Anatole

    keep up the good videos. thanks

  19. Duncan Meskill


    Vosk, make sure they checked Tails for leptospirosis.

  20. When I first got into crypto I dropped out of college, spent my college savings on bitcoin. I nearly immediately lost half from the MTGOX hack, and then the price dropped to 25% of what I bought it at. I stayed in, and now I am doing pretty darn well.

  21. So glad Tails is doing better…you are awesome to take good care of her. I feel the same about my dogs. What type of dog is She? Love your videos!!!!

  22. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their pets.
    You are a good person!

  23. The feels! I'd do the same for my pup too. Glad to hear she's on the mend. TAILSCOIN 2018

  24. What breed is tails?

  25. Hey man, for your dog, I think you should watch these videos: [49:2352:14] "Q&A 326 – ALS, Diabetes, Diet for Dogs, Essential Oils" and [01:22:3001:36:15] "Questions & Answers 305 – Deathbed Visions, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Cancer/Dog"

    Only those specific timestamps pertain to dogs. I think this can help man!

  26. Good luck with the dog man.

  27. I Don't Like That Shit

    This video turned my shitty day into a great evening!

  28. What operating system do you use for a new rig. I'm trying to understand once I power my rig, how do I connect it to either nicehash or simple mining. Thanks for all your videos. I'm new to mining.

  29. Jordan family

    Hey I see u have a lot of parts behind u want to donate some to a newbie lol

  30. Khalid Al-Ghamdi

    nice video keep it up

  31. You got good heart man, and you are genuine. It is good to see people like this. I told my friend I wanted to learn mining and he suggested me your channel and I am happy a find a good person. I am really happy for your dog! ciao!

  32. 4:38 …image overload…

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