“Substantial Increase” For Cryptocurrency, Stock Exchange Crypto Exchange & Is Bitcoin Legal Tender

“Substantial Increase” For Cryptocurrency, Stock Exchange Crypto Exchange & Is Bitcoin Legal Tender

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  1. WeCrypto Giant

    What do you think of university/student life focused projects? It seems fintech projects tend to get all the buzz.

  2. Robert Tomkinson

    Speeding up by 1.5% wouldn't even be noticable. 1.5X would be 50%

  3. It is actually much easier to buy, sell/encash crypto in the Philippines. Much easier than in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Bitcoin halving event seems to cause a massive runup. If I understand correctly the next one is 2 years 2020. Not sure when the runup starts.

  5. Talk to fast, talk to slow. Smh, "try to please all and none will be pleased"

  6. the government cannot tax what it does not create GET WITH THE PROGRAM DOPEY!!!!

  7. Casper in 2019 and sharding in 2020. What's your prediction for the flippening now?

  8. thedreamerisme

    like this podcast style

  9. SuperScratchproof

    Regulation will cause the bigger money to come in to the chosen cryptos. Similarly to how Thailand has limited the pairings to fiat. If we see the regulations in the US, Europe and China prefer particular coins, then you'll be glad you HODL'd those coins.

  10. great video

  11. who cares what other people think about your talking speed dude. they can adapt. just continue to deliver the data.

  12. AcidBurn Van Wyk

    Hey bro, thanks for another great video, I do find you chatter a bit disturbing but have realized that not everyone can not be perfect so now I just chill and listen to your voice as I am working. Thanks for all you EFFORT and your CONTENT please keep going and do not stop, please do not stop! I watch your videos everyday. You are awesome when I have my millions from Ripple would be great to catch you and have a beer and a laugh.

  13. Chris Whitenack

    On this day last year closing price was $2,544.50. As I type, it's $6,530.40. So, yeah. We're very healthy. And we are the same as we were in '15 as far as positioning goes.

  14. Michael Delanzo

    Please your opinion on KIN…i just read alot about it..looks great..i bought 1 million..

  15. I like the predictions for Cardano and EOS.

  16. Battousai Chansy

    I need to fill up my bags of TRX, XRP & ADA as much as possible before Q4

  17. Your talking speed is fine man.

  18. mainframe 386

    Tron up a predicted 342 percent? Will Justin Sun be tweeting about his Alibaba "partnership" for the 10th time or maybe another announcement of a coming announcement?

  19. Greets from Austria 🦄🌈

  20. start a podcast, i mean you quite literally just have to use the same Audio file!

  21. No taxation.. Great work

  22. Hey, tell me what do you think about MoneroV (XMV)?
    Maybe you should make some video about it?
    Thank you


    Tron 342% up..🙄..Then 1 coin is around 10 dollers..🤔

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