Some Sites Are Hiding Bitcoin Mining Scripts

Some Sites Are Hiding Bitcoin Mining Scripts

News that some website are spawning hidden pop-under browser windows to mine bitcoin and other crypto currencies even when you have left the site.


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  1. Halaf Errikkson

    +Quidsup. I am sorry but your understanding is a little flawed. This is slightly frustrating, but I will correct you and hope you accept it.

    Sites like coinhive are not mining Bitcoin. They are mining Monero. You are very right that mining Bitcoin on a CPU is not profitable at all. However due to algorithm differences, it is actually profitable to mine on a CPU with Monero.

    Monero is a lot easier to mine, and therefore is actually profitable. A lot of sites are able to fund all their bills via 100% opt-in miners. Not all sites should be tarred with the same brush. Mining really is quite powerful, although abused.

  2. SuperPepperMint

    Does the mining process show up on 'pstree'?

  3. I_have_hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

    No coin ftw!

  4. ObsoletePowerCorrupts

    Thoughts on zeronet? Their youtube channel shows mp4 files in their very short video. They have only 3videos on their channel.

  5. quids why do you use firefox over chrome? I used Firefox in Linux and switched to chrome when i came back to windows because of school work and that stuff and now I am thinking of going back to firefox do you have any suggestions about what i should do as in add-ons and stuff and is firefox slower than chrome I have a
    8mbps internet :-/

  6. Panagiotis Tabakis

    I found brocoiner recently via a popunder. JS needs a security fix asap. Was thinking of verified script sources but again i'm not familiar with how exactly JS handles permissions.

  7. This could've been why my Toshiba satellite on Win10 had been running at full CPU even when nothing was open then..? I couldn't find anything in the running programs though, and it happened even after reboot. Could they have installed something in the background that ran at boot, but hid itself from boot up programs? I've since done a complete reinstall and it's OK again, but this makes you wonder.. The only other thing I thought it could be was my VPN, but I've no proof other than the CPU usage seeming to peak at similar time to me installing a new VPN.

  8. Jon Mahashintina

    popups are why people started to use adblockers, along with ads overstepping the boundaries of the site. underhanded techniques like this are just ensuring more and more people will do what they can to avoid it, more adblock and noscript being installed.

  9. Против Глобал

    But it only mines on M$?

  10. WigglyMalmsteam

    Notrack is looking great.

  11. 666 views :O

  12. Just so you know – Websites don't actually mine bitcoin because that would not be profitable at all. Instead, coinhive is a javascript miner for Monero. It is still impossible to design ASIC hardware for Monero. Running it on a gpu is only about 2 times faster, compared to maybe 1000x for ethereum. With a software cpu miner I get 200H/s with 50% utilization, while in javascript I get about 120H/s with 100% utilization (Ryzen 5 1600). When mining on just my cpu with software I make around $1.50 of profit every day, but using javascript only around $0.30.

  13. wait until the sites will proxy the requests on the socket to the coin-hive etc. services

  14. I actually want them to do it on MacOS and Linux. But alas, I need to learn to do this meself. lol

  15. *****nervously opens up the system monitor.
    There's a chrome setting to end all background operations when tab is closed. I've turned them off.
    Scroll down to Advanced > System > Continue running background apps when Chromium is closed .. Turn off.
    In advanced > content settings > sync. Don't allow programs to complete sending and receiving data.

  16. Do blocked pop ups stop this?

  17. Can we just assign this list of addresses to our localhost ( in our host file instead as a form to block them? /etc/host/ I do remember reading somewhere though that routers cannot block https, not sure if that is true.

  18. Thanks for the video! I found the list very useful, editing the hosts file is another option for those that haven't set up no track yet

  19. Liam Mc Cormick

    This happened to me once. I noticed the second I took my headphones off. My laptop's fan, which turns off completely under reasonable loads, was attempting to make my laptop fly.

    I don't hold it against them though. I would rather lend them my CPU to mine bitcoins then have them steal my credit card details and run me up a $900 bill. Not that I trust them not to do both.

  20. Cheers mate

  21. Thanks for updating NoTrack. It is really helpful and effective.

  22. I can't become more paranoid then I already am. I hope our government will solve this problem by regulating the Internet and turn it into something safe like television.

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