sha-256 Bitcoin mining is back at HASHFLARE | UPDATE: ROI 170 days fees included

sha-256 Bitcoin mining is back at HASHFLARE | UPDATE: ROI 170 days fees included

UPDATE: Maintenance fee is not covered. They charge that separately. ROI around 170 days fees included.

The sha-256 one year Bitcoin mining contracts are back at Hashflare. The current ROI is 132 days which makes them very profitable. Obviously the difficulty and the price of Bitcoin in the future is not 100% predictable.

Mine Bitcoin at Hashflare

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  1. This is a total scam. just like BitConnect

  2. Aurora's Vlog

    why dont u have a face?

  3. bentpressowner

    Difficulty changes have HUGE impact on total return. Calculators that do not consider at least 10% difficulty increase per fortnight should be outlawed. They are a straight con. In addition, contract terms do not exist for practical purposes, as Hashflare can change any term at any time. Very glad to have looked before I leaped. Better to just buy actual and hold if you believe price increase will continue strongly.

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  7. So do you get your initial investment when your contract ends?

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  9. Good info! QQ – Considering that the BTC difficulty exponentially grows every year, do you think it will still be profitable to invest in Cloud Mining like I used coinwarz to calculate factoring twice the difficulty in 2018, the ROI will be beyond the 1 year contract. Some feedback on the net sounds valid as the aggressive 10% "referral program" of Hashflare gravitates more new investors despite the difficulty exponentially increases every year. A lot of the YouTubers actively promote Hashflare and I could imagine how many 10% they've earned because of this without even disclosing the historical trend of the BTC difficulty.

    Hope you can provide guidance

    And for the rest of the subscribers who can relate and find this question useful, please leave a like/thumbs up. 🙂

  10. Great video. I started buying contract on since 31-Aug-2017 and its been great. In fact im getting a return more than my monthly income now. Use this promo code if you're creating new account on, click on the link and register an account

  11. Abdulilah Mohamed

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  13. it definitely pays out sign up here

  14. Himanshu Choukiker

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  16. Sublime Thinker

    Why are people into this cloudmining gimmick? Just like bitconnect, it's simply more profitable and safe to buy BTC and hold it long term.

  17. Kiril Andreev


  18. hashflare is legit and pays daily. use my code: ECC65B28

  19. Is Hashflare a good place to invest Your money?

  20. I recommend reinvesting if you're gonna put money into hashflare. You will get around 12X more hashrate after 1 year.

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  22. Ritz Ritam Kumar Shome

    After 1 year the original hash rate which was initially bought gets deducted from the total hashrate currently present, and the remaining hash rate you can use for the duration of next year. Every reinvestment is a 1 yr contract in itself and upon completion, it gets reduced from the total. Hence for 1 TH bought, if in 365th day you land up with 3.5 total THs, the 1 yr contract expires and 3.5-1=2.5 remains on the 366th day. Now, each reinvestment done is also a 1 yr stand alone contract in itself. This is a direct confirmation from their support. Hence, its advisable to first take out the capital + ratio of earnings you want to keep in your wallet and then reinvest the rest. If you reinvest you will definitely not get your capital or earnings, but just increase the hashrate every year. 1 Th – 1 yr, 2.5 Th 2nd yr, 4-5 TH 3rd year but yes deduct the 1st years capital, 2nd years % of capital you want to keep and keep reinvesting. In long run the complexity of 1mb to 2mb may happen which could make 4-5 Th/s useless or equal to 1TH today, but yes some income will come if you withdraw or keep it stored for BTC prices to soar by 2020.

  23. is the Sha 256 is best or Escrpt ?

  24. Jerry Sjöberg

    the difficulty will drecrese and you will earn less than now..

  25. Ferdinand Nepomuceno

    This is much better mining.. you may try

  26. Do u recommend reinvesting everyday?

  27. Abdullah Kucuk

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    Write your code as well (I am about to spend 1000$)

  28. first of all you should add the maintenance to your calculation!
    second you should warn the viewers instead of referring them to hashflare.
    due to the strange behavior of hashflare since september they go more and more to a scam. they cut the lifetimecontracts to one year without any personal information to their customers before. simultaneously the prices for minging were doubled and the maintenance for scrypt also doubles.
    few days ago they proudly presentet the multipool for scrypt, simply forgotten to tell how to set it up. in same post they told that the maintenance for srypt is reduced now. wow! one month ago they raised it sectretly and now they are proud of reducing it – bad joke isn't it?
    nobody with a sane mind should invest in hashflare!

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  30. Engr.Samuel sunday

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    kindly assist please….
    i will love to buy this hashflare

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