Secret Method Revealed To Make Instant Bitcoin Wealth pt 1

Secret Method Revealed To Make Instant Bitcoin Wealth pt 1

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I thought very long and hard about making this public one day. This is that day. Watch me make over $500 in minutes with my method that I and only my closest friends have been doing for months now, over and over again. The Video is in 2 parts. First part I show you how I start with 0.06 btc and bring it up to .2 then part 2 I show you how I bring it up to 1.0 btc. It is so damn simple that it’s unbelievable how easy it is to make a fortune with this. I am doing this for the whole community, for those out there that are not wealthy that dream of being wealthy, well let me make those dreams come true for you. I will see you all at the top and shake each and every one of your hands while we sip fine wine and talk about our success together.


  1. Thanks Big man for your secret,can it work here in Italy

  2. is this still working now sir?


    very good, i love you so much…

  4. Does this method still work? I know this video is a year old now.

  5. I'll be chucking you BTC once I get it up a bit

  6. dude you are fucking awesome!

  7. does this method still work? I just tried it on bitsler, doesn't seem to be working…

  8. If it was that easy they would lose money. Casinos always come out on top.

  9. Just curious, did prime dice find out about this method and change it? Because my prime dice screen doesnt have the second "payout" or "win chance" settings on the left of the screen like yours does. It only has those settings in the middle.. Am I missing something? Because I dont seem to be getting anywhere.

  10. Thank you very much for sharing the information

  11. Does this method still works? And should this also work on bitsler?

  12. can I start at 0.001

  13. thanks for sharing , helps me alot

  14. MARK Henderson

    will it work now in 2017?

  15. Jose Belardo II

    This method still work bro?

  16. ahanav shikha


  17. Brando Crispim Vieira

    Hey dude, I really like your videos and I started to get the hang of this, thanks a lot!


    Hi sir)
    May you answer…. Is it work nowadays? and how much should I have a minimum balnce to play?

  19. AndyGamer 999

    Adam, puedes dar una explicacion en español,paso a paso para poder entenderlo mejor y no perder jugando?

  20. Joshua Ogunleye

    This is for gamers.

  21. Hanah Jackie Bote

    Hi adam, could you make an updated video strategy for primedice please?

  22. Thanks for putting out your secret. I saw your video today. is it still possible to do the same after 7 months?

  23. Adam your a a great guy. thank you.

  24. Jeremey Harris

    Thank you so much for all your information and free cashola. I just started about a week ago dabbling with the dice games. i have not even played yet. ut i have been absorbing the information that you have put out there for us beginners. i know it takes alot of your time to put all it out there. Your new name should be" ADAMHOOD prince of Bitcoin". There are men then there is ADAMHOOD……

  25. Hi Adam…You are simply awesome the way you teach methods on bitsler and primedice. You simply make it look easy. I tried your method on primedice and i made 0.188 btc from 0.006 btc. I followed your method very closely and you really made it look easy. Thanks and hats off…

  26. I just discovered your channel today. I am curious which method is better, this one or

  27. AdamI love your vids, and I tryed this out I could really raise my over all amounts I got from betting, Is there anyway you could send me a few satohi pls? My account Name Is ECMuppet, And thanks for takign your time to read my comment 😀

  28. I have nOthing could I begin with just 0.00000300

  29. collette Smith

    Hey Adam lovely videos I'm American I went to primedice to sign up just a blank screen any suggestions

  30. hi adam. i use this method but i lost them all ( i use pd4 100%p/l ). i'll give another try but tell me on pd4 when i use 5% its 0 multiply. is 5% 50 % on primedice4? thanks.

  31. The Interesting Games

    i m from pakistan how i can make more start from 200 sato

  32. thanks so much for this. U make a single mum verry happy!

  33. Dude i just wanna say that I appreciate the huge difference you're making to other people's life and I want you to know that if anyone doesn't appreciate you, don't worry my friend cause if you do good to others good comes to you & I'm gonna start from today but with the free 200 satoshis, when I will make a Bitcoin out of this. I will contact you and I will give you a appreciation gift and my prayers. Peace&Love brother .

  34. Interactive Video

    hello adam please give me 200k

  35. dose this work on bitsler

  36. watching this video, really make my heart feels like jogging. damn u mr adam.😁

  37. Hi I'm new to learning about this Bitcoin thing can you direct me to some videos how to get started

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