Roger Ver Debates Charlie Lee [PART 2] – Does Bitcoin Have Intrinsic Value?

Roger Ver Debates Charlie Lee [PART 2] – Does Bitcoin Have Intrinsic Value?

[2nd Part] Charlie Lee engaged in a healthy debate with Roger Ver, CEO of at the recent cryptocurrency cruise. The full debate will be released over the coming days.

This is just a SMALL PART of the full debate. The debate focused on all aspects of Bitcoin however this clip focuses on intrinsic value and what makes Bitcoin Valuable.

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    We will be releasing the FULL debate in a two days. So make sure you are subscribed (hit the 🔔icon) so you don't miss out!

    Both Roger and Charlie are flexing their intellectual muscle, be respectful in your comments this is how we move the cryptocurrency space forwarded. Trolling doesn't help anyone.

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  2. Bring Back The Farm

    Roger is an idiot. What a joke.

  3. where is charlies rainbows and moews LOL, i always looked at charlie lee as a pedo

  4. This isn't a debate… if he wants a real debate, Roger needs to let the person finished

  5. Bless Rodger, I feel sorry for him. He probably thinks he was "winning" his argument with Charlie, when all he was really doing is making himself look foolish and like a not particularly very nice human being. Does he also understand that whilst shooting down bitcoin he is also shooting down bitcoin cash and the entire crypto space. Sigh 😔

  6. Charlie Lee 1 – the con man 0

  7. domy forget to thumbs down this video

  8. Is it just me or does Rodger appear to HATE Charlie? 🤔 he's talking to him like a naughty child, as if he is trying to undermine him. Strange. Didn't expect to witness that level of disrespect.

  9. Roger ver even spending his life on crypto and on crypto economics should be superior to anyone, and be amazing in his knowledge, the truth is Roger seems to not understand some very simple point. I guess he DOESN'T want to understand. Seriously. Why saying intrinsic value doesn't exist? Because you read 2 lines in a book about it, doesn't make it true…

    BTC pretty much always had value (even very small), because of what Charlie lee said, and because nothing before had this type of characteristik, I would personally add also: Transportability which is one of the strongest strenght of BTC IMO.

    Cost of production is harder to defend, but it's perfectly doable. If BTC cost to produce was 0, miners would constantly drop it what ever the price is. Also this cost of production is a representation of BTC hashrate, and this is how this network is securised. If cost of production was 0 I would be worried.

    The worse is the example that roger ver is taking about hid mud/apple pie. Well if you are doing your production professionally, you will most likely produce something that people want.
    If I stay on the Pie example, the EXACT SAME Apple pie, made in a factory or by hand in a small shop, would have different value, simply because YES you have to pay for the work that the guy done. His time.

    You know why Macaron are damn expensive for a little shit like that? well because they are small, and you need to do it one by one, each piece. Ingredients are not that expensive the cost of Macaron is principally coming from the Labor…

    I don't understand how Roger Ver can denie simple things like that, and use extremely dishonest example and arguments to trap Charlie because OH MY GOD COST OF PRODUCTION. In this serie of interviews I,m sorry you are just appearing extremely stupid with bad manners IMO

  10. Roger Ver must either be Satoshi Nakamoto, or just absolutely nuts…lol

  11. Van Cuong Truong

    We all need oxygen, but oxygen is free there so it costs zero to breath.
    We like Apple, and for Apple we need to pay, because it costs some value to bring the Apple to supermarkt

  12. Charlie needs to look in a Dictionary to understand what the word Intrinsic means lol

  13. sneaking_ weasel

    One guy is using his intellect here, Roger is just a salesman who read a few outdated textbooks from a time and ideology that created the vile corrupt system we current suffer with. Bitcoin is a paradigm shift, fuck the old ideas of economics, we're building something new here.

  14. Roger , yes "Money" is an "agreed" medium of exchange "in your mind". A paper dollar does not have intrinsic value. However Gold actually DOES have intrinsic value , due to its physical properties , does not decay, scarce all over the world, historical significance, agreement, useful to some extent for jewelry. It is "Hard Money" as Saiffedan Ammous describes in his book – see Stock Flow Ratio. Gold was chosen by people organically over time as the best form of "hard money". Bitcoin is very similar in that DOES have intrinsic value due to its unique technological properties including what Charlie Lee has described. ("Its Shiny", was not a great answer lol).

  15. Javier Ortega Conde

    But Bitcoin Core (BTC) transactions are reversible using Replace by Fee (RBF) and you can make a double spend. Yes, i am saying that BTCs could be sent to different address paying a higher commission. You cannot do it with an official wallet, but you can with a modified one. You need to wait for 1 confirmation. Most wallets don't tell you that a transaction have RBF activated.

  16. I think Charlie did a wonderful job defending his self.Rodger your ego is way too big, you need to calm down.Every one of your speeches you attack others, or interrupt them whilst they are trying to answer your questions.I want the financial freedoms for all, just as much as you do, but we don't need bloated egos treating it like their the only one in the space who's important.Charlie lee is a great guy, with a good heart who's guided by his morel compass.Rodger You was rude and bad mannered towards Charlie, and he was very respectful of you considering your behaviour. Rodger, This is not all about you and BCASH, be humble in your rhetoric, put your ego to one side.

  17. Guys, lets do a thought experiment. Imagine there are two coins. A and B, both originating from X. X had low fees, scaled on chain, had instant transactions, had transaction signatures stored on chain. Coin "A" decided to upgrade itself, resulting in higher fees, scaling off chain, not having instant transactions and transaction signatures are not stored on chain. Coin "B" kept all properties of "X".
    Which of the coins taking "X" name should be considered a scam and which has actual legitimacy to the name?

  18. Omg Roger ver..NOT good..what a very poor horrible approach

  19. Roger had such a punchable face

  20. Charlie Lee!  Great guy!

  21. Saifedean Ammous (the Bitcoin Standard) please debate Roger!!!!!! or Let me do it!

  22. The iPhone Roger Ver is holding costs Apple less that $400 to make (if its an iPhone X). Yet the public and Roger Ver himself willingly paid over $1000 for it. Why? Because Ver and everyone else who bought it saw an intrinsic value in the phone: giving you the ability to communicate with one another, play games, watch porn, etc. The people who still have a flip phone, are those people "wrong?" No, they just do not see the intrinsic value in the smartphone. Just like people who buy the real Bitcoin, and not BTrash, see the intrinsic value of the real Bitcoin. People who do not buy the real Bitcoin do not see the intrinsic value in Bitcoin. Neither side is "wrong," its just a matter of perspective. Why does everyone want to be judge, jury and executioner?

  23. Roger Ver is uptight. I get uptight just by listening. Can't stay for the whole time.

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