Richard Heart Predicts Bitcoin Price And HATES IOTA!

Richard Heart Predicts Bitcoin Price And HATES IOTA!

Today we are joined by Cryptocurrency expert Richard Heart. You can view Richard’s channel/content here:

Richard is also working on an upcoming project:


Introduction 0:00 – 0:23
Poker 0:56 – 12:42
Life Experience 12:43 – 16:35
Fake Satoshi 17:08 – 23:55
Fraud 24:00 – 26:07
Flip flop stance on Bitcoin 26:26 – 42:20
Technical Analysis 42:21-44:02
How to decipher between peoples calls 44:03 – 48:35
McAfee 48:36 – 51:47
IOTA 51:48-1:05:52
Byteball/Ethereum and Censorship – 1:05:53 – 1:12:13
Hash-power 1:12:14 – 1:15:35
Richard’s project, CFD Token 1:15:36-1:18:59
Optimizing personal project/Security/Social consciences 1:19:00 – 1:25:39
Life Expectancy 1:25:40 – 1:28:27
Hazard vs outrage 1:28:28-1:31:01
Cheap hot alts 1:31:02 – 1:36:56
Final Words 1:37:22-1:38:55


  1. Thanks for having me on! Many of my friends and peers are poker bros, don't take the kiddy comments seriously! Corrections: Longing a 40% drop on 3x margin is more than 120% gain, it's 200% gain. Example: 100 to 60. 3x long 60 back to 100. (40/60)*3 Sorry for the bad head math in stream 🙂 Bitcoin, moon! DL my free sciVive book, donate to, 🙂

  2. Preston Collins

    Do you know about folding@home?

  3. Preston Collins

    i called the 6k bounce because it was a BARR setup very simple run on the break the ice point. Always follow the market 😀 good video

  4. What am I doing watching this for the 3rd time..?

  5. Very smart guy

  6. yo , this guy is a scamster. you cannot long you will loose.

  7. Abdullah Barrone Conkrite

    I just looked into this segment and haven't even really listened, but I really appreciate your layout with timeline segments. Great organization. Much dap!

  8. optimal lifestyles lead to optimal deaths

  9. haha pickup artist. still nice skill to have unde your belt . great thoughts richard Heart! legend.

  10. 56:56 "Founders are cuck suckers too" XD hahahha i loose my shit !!

  11. Be good to hear from Richard Heart now – see if he can make a public call

  12. Alex Villalobos

    talking about kiddie peddlers and miners…

  13. This poker argument from him is ridiculous considering that now all he talks about his is ICO to screw people out of their money and put it into his pocket.

  14. Rickety Cricket

    Is this the boss guy from the IT crowed?

  15. Richard Heart has a new fan. His coin is one of the most interesting I've seen and I like his cynical intelligence.

  16. how about PUNDI X? not the best project in 2018 so far?

  17. LaskmiFather, Kofi

    I am having strong feelings that altcoin trading or even cryptocurrency investment is fraud. I enter at the right time based on my analysis and they were expected to go up. They drop very insignificantly as soon as I enter and buy. It appears they are trading because of me and I am sure a lot of people are having similar issues. To be honest my experience in trading altcoins seems I am wasting my money and time. I initially believed Siacoin, Dogecoin and others are scam but I am beginning to believe that they are all scam. The positive comments are very influential and deceitful. People up there should stop throwing dust into innocent peoples' eye because of their selfish gains. It is not a joke

  18. Great interview, RH has a great story to tell and knows his stuff re cryptos.

  19. Benjamin Knotts

    One of the best interviews I’ve seen. I learned a lot and I love Richard’s candor and slight sarcastic arrogance.

  20. You know Doug how you could earn even more clicks on youtube is when you would invite Bugs Bunny to talk bitcoin. Seriously its just rediculous to invite outrageous people like this liar to get attention.

  21. **Bitcoin to the MOON!…let's stop in at UrrrAnus first**

  22. I judged that guy maybe too quickly, i like what he says very much. And yes i agree poker really is a plague, and i'm big poker time-waster.

  23. this video confirmed that IOTA is complete trash… i bought a small amount… and sold it…. dont buy this trash

  24. I love Richard Heart. That dudes gifted as hell.

  25. Held to a higher standard? A bit of good old brainwashed blurb there!

  26. EvanWreknMarsh #MMAPGX

    MMAPGX Token. check out that project

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