Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), and Ripple ($XRP)!

Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), and Ripple ($XRP)!

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  1. Great channel. I love learning about crypto from you.

  2. My1usernamewastaken

    Great informative video. Many people don't seem to understand price prediction as of recent, because the Crypto world moves (or has moved) so fast in the past, it seems they expect results instantly or else it's a bad call.
    I would be interested in getting your opinion or predictions on Privacy coins, more so the lesser established ones: Zoin, DeepOnion, Komodo?

  3. Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio

    Nice video Sniper, as always, learned a lot of things from your vids, I've noticed you always speak about the big ones (BTC, ETH,, XRP, etc.), have you ever thought to speak about low market cap coins such as Hash, NAVCoin, DeepOnion, Nebulas, Bitcore, etc. ?

  4. Coinable getting ready to do some type of maintenance, i noticed the same thing right about when Bit coin cash was added. Could this be for a new coin addition?

  5. I think this past month is a coordinated effort to drive down the price of BTC by big money who want to control it / governments .

  6. super newb question for anybody, scenerio: on Binnance lets say today i buy ADA with BTC then tomorrow i buy ADA with ETH ….Does both transactions end up in my ADA wallet?

  7. Thomas Garcia

    Great content man like always

  8. I have used your link to join discord but this hasn't put me in your community. Do you have to send me an invite to join?

  9. Missed the live stream last night on accident being on the sinpers discord.

  10. Mohamad Moubadder

    Hey isnt btc not getting accepted at more and more places? you can buy it more tho but from what i can tell more stores are accepting ether or ltc but not btc right?

  11. Always love your videos. I’ve learned a lot from your channel. Thank you very much! Great respect!

  12. Im about to lose it its been a blood bath for a month

  13. Naeem killing it as per usual, what an intelligent, educated kid!

  14. Do you ever use Eliot waves to help with TA… I've seen some people using and seems to be a good prediction tool but hard to understand for me… Just wonder if you might mention some time.

  15. William Yancey

    Robinhood does not allow you to deposit Crypto. And yes you can withdraw it but if you show your I'd and verify etc

  16. i have learn a lot. Thanks. Dont forget to inform people not to be scared of the bearish trend in the cyptocurrency market.

  17. Chase Mueller

    Will kin leave ether delta? If so what happens to my kin?

  18. Fun fact, that cash app that has btc is removing it in april.

  19. Terrible 24 hours! Have a look at HTML please:)

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