Powering down your antminer s7 for a cooling cycle/ Bitcoin mining

Powering down your antminer s7 for a cooling cycle/ Bitcoin mining

I like to restart my antminer s7 every 14 days or so and let them cool down for an hour.

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  1. …the proper way to shut down an antminer is to SSH into it and give the "poweroff" command.

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    Just keep them on 24/7 365

  3. Not sure why you would want to heat cycle once a week. Keep them warm or keep them cold but warm/cold will break anything apart, even granite.

  4. One thing i never understand about s9 fan's. Why is the back fan up to 600rpm and front much lower? In my mind this makes also alot of noise cause the fan with higher rpm push on the front and ofcause this makes more noise…

  5. Materials expand or contract when subjected to changes in temperature, which causes thermal shock. This is one of the reasons I never shut down my computer. For the same reasons, you should never step on the gas until your car's engine is hot.

  6. i have antminer s7 for sale 4.74 th/s

  7. Hey miner! Just curious, whats the point of this power off cycle? as it is said whats not broken don't try to fix it.

  8. Markus - BTC & Hacking

    Make a video of ur pc setup, I wonder where all the internet cables goes to. and how yo setup the pc part, and I cant find any videos about that part. I wont use money on a S7 if I dont know how its works. What mining software etc?! but I know this video is hard to make becuase its alot of things to put into one video.

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