Poloniex.com cryptocurrency trading tutorial with Coinbase to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash!

Poloniex.com cryptocurrency trading tutorial with Coinbase to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash!

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  5. Sorry Jerry, your video sucked, don't call it a tutorial. We don't need the emotional crap. Start by telling us why there are 4 tabs, and why there are different cryptos in each, and give examples of how to buy the different cryptos.

  6. my favourite exchange is binance, easy trading, many promotions (FREE COINS) and the community is really nice. If you are new to crytocurrency or just want to try another exchange, try binance.com 🙂
    If you register, maybe you can use my referral link. You want loose anything, just binance is loosing 50% of there fees.
    thank you and have a good time!

  7. sabrina william

    Bitrex is no more trusted exchanger to do business they charges too much fees on every transaction I prefer working with Poloniex for trading related need crypto trading signal with excellent performance Joined http://www.t.me/btctradingclub

  8. Th3P Algerian

    please i need donation any single dollar can help me and thanks in advance
    To start Trading ( living in 3rd world country )
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  9. floyd alvin gutierrez

    you are reach right now bro.

  10. can South Africans use polomiex

  11. Lakeesha Skow

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  12. the trouble with cryptos is you have NO privacy ALL TRANSACTIONS GO INTO A LEDGER AND ARE FULLY TRACABLE. When some say you do they are obviously wrong. They still have your IP address

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  16. Does poloniex safe exchange.pls answer soooooon .cause i have a problem to login…

  17. Nathan Johnson

    How long does it take to be verified on Poloniex??

  18. Particle Config.

    Let me start with: You are not sure wether you are getting your money back off from Poloniex, Don't do Poloniex, some people are waiting 3 months already, some more.
    Or else first read all the negatives on Reddit and Twitter.
    This site is probably scam. And one day will scam ALLOT, there's issues with their legality.
    Now encounter the second case in which I can't withdraw my freakin money from it. It's devastating, they don't answer a thing. Their email account got blocked by my service provider (unknowingly) and atm this is the reason I cannot withdraw since verification is needed. This is all allot of bull if you want to make money.

  19. sergio contreras

    poloniex is a real shit

  20. Go back to call of duty lol

  21. poloniex is a scam exchange
    they stole my eth in may and never replied to support ticket

  22. I lost all my coins in poloniex, someone withdrew them from my account today and I couldn't contract customer support.

  23. Great video Jerry! I've read a ton of bad reviews about Poloniex recently, and am nervous about opening an account with them. What do you say?

  24. Greitas Drumas

    Poloniex SCAM!
    1 week waiting for approval, nobody answers any emails nothing.
    There is no support just computer auto answer to your email like: we will answer shortly…

  25. new to trading one question. what would hapen if 1000000 people bought this random crypto curency at he same time for like 100 dolars and then one hour later everyone would sell it at the same time? what would happen please anyone answer my queston 😀 ???????????

  26. oh man i got confused when it hit 30:32 :'( Nothing computed in my brain.. Help? maybe dumb it down more? Im completely new to this. But I really want to learn!

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  28. How on earth can you determine how much money each currency is worth in dollars instead of something that looks like this 0.004567

  29. Interesting strategy, thank you Jerry!

  30. James Hernandez

    Aside from countless Issues they're having right now(Security Issues), Coinbase is meddling scum.

    Better off trading in good places like Paxful or anything equivalent.

    Bitcoin is freedom

  31. Is this still working?

  32. Rebecca Slough

    BUYER BEWARE!! Poloniex RIPPED me off $3500 and they have no real customer service. very very bad exchange. 12 days after the fact and my 3500 of btc still not in my poloniex from a trans from Coinbase. I even sent pics of the transfer with the wallet address they can see it says complete but yet it's not in my wallet and they will not reply to complaints with anything but a bot automated response. STAY AWAY

  33. Chase closed my account after a few Coinbase transactions…
    Can anyone recommend a crypto "friendly" bank in Texas?


  34. Are you still holding your BTC? Just curious. Good vid, very helpful.

  35. hi jerry hope youll make a way to make a profit with the top currencies with trading in a safe way that it only has a lower chance of lossi g

  36. 20% in 'just' couple months on crypto?😂😂😂😂
    My advice: with this score: better buy valuable coin and hold it for a month 🙂 5min of work and much more profit.

  37. Mihai Felseghi

    That's called gambling not trading.

  38. how much do I know what it is caculate wise I don't get how much ex 3.99 etc is as a buy vs .00737845 avg price

  39. Tom Anderson Uy

    Great video !what coin should i buy today?

  40. you're a genius jerry, i'll definitely donate you from my first profit.
    thank you

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