Peter Schiff – Bitcoin Debate – discussion on Bitcoin Price On 2018

Peter Schiff – Bitcoin Debate – discussion on Bitcoin Price On 2018

Daily Voice News – Economic Collapse
Peter Schiff Argues w/ Bitcoin Activists in Heated Debate
Peter Schiff Debates Against the Future of Bitcoin on The Heat December 19th 2017.


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  2. Peter's arguments are so strained, they're painful to listen to. He's a man that won't understand because he can't see past his own self interest; i.e. his coin business that's not getting any love. He makes a somewhat good point about all the competing cryptos and forks being inflationary. They are inflationary in that they pull value and buying power away from the leader, BTC, but so? Does he mean to imply that they don't also pull value and buying power away from his PMs? They do, of course. That's the problem isn't it Peter?

  3. Poor Peter Shiff. He has to endure many more years of the crypto era.

  4. Peter Schiif is a butthead and bafoon. Here, I've said it. Ten years in the raw, he said :Collapse of dollar is coming, buy gold (from me), And the dollar all this time all time high, and value of gold goes down. So many people are lost money buy listening his so called :"advice". I don't know why they bring this idiot on financial talks. I think he knows somebody. Otherwise, question asked: "why are you so wrong for so many years, and you are still invited ?"

  5. that balding head has seen to much sun! this cunt is cooked!

  6. I used to think Peter Skiff was a smart man until I heard him speak about Bitcoin in a very negative way. The mindset he has is from a different time and he cannot understand why Bitcoin is so valuable. The arguments he uses are that it hasn't got real value like gold, silver, etc… Well why has the fiat currency got so much value. Dinosaurs like him want to keep the old system because he is a shill of the Banks. I see right through you Peter. Keep calling it a bubble while the price keeps growing and growing. When will you say I was wrong. Never……

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