Nexusmine Limited Review – 12 Day ROI?? Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2018 (Free 200 Gh/s)

Nexusmine Limited Review – 12 Day ROI?? Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2018 (Free 200 Gh/s)

Nexus Mine Limited is claiming a return on investment within 12 days. After a few requests to review the platform, I decided to test it out with 0.01 worth of BTC that I’m not afraid to lose. Enter at your own risk.

New Cloudmining 12 day ROI (Free 200 G/Hs)

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  1. Dominant Finance is a company based on real business. Just have a look here

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    How to invest?
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    1 day upsite.
    0.41% hourly
    10$ minimum deposit
    10$ minimum withdraw
    LIFETIME . FOREVER . invest at your own risk

  3. Nem o site abre mais

  4. นาย ยุทธนา แซ่ลี้

    Nexus mine escaped, and then there was a mine, or something like that, it was a scam, and nothing to do with it, but the bad guys, let's go to hell.

  5. this site at present is not working

  6. scam ponzi scheme-lasted for 30 days lol I lost 620 just testing them out. When the company offers returns that are obviously too high it's always a scam

  7. Pablo Ramirez Mena


    register on this page if you pay

  8. Nice info I joined 1 week ago and just found your site, I put in $60 US and so far have 3 withdrawals STALLED IN PENDING lol. i THINK i INVESTED ABOUT 2 WEEKS TOO LATE. No big deal, just wanted to let people know my results. I think they made what they wanted and ran. if anybody is still getting paid please post.

  9. it is not paying

  10. นาย ยุทธนา แซ่ลี้

    Nexusmine cheated a lot of people, many people do not go to believe in the documents all the owners are all fake, do not go to invest in it.

  11. Hi, they say that Cryptoluc & Smartminer is also a Scam……l

  12. Hi, Its a SCAM –Its no longer Paying out. Its in "pending' status. Do not invest…….

  13. Now …it maintenance widraw . This is scam ???

  14. I want to know if you can withdraw without deposit

  15. Withdraw pending is 6 hours

  16. Send us your feedback about 0.00150000

  17. Have you tried Perrier Watermelon ?

  18. I tried going to the site, is usa cits not allowed? I could not log on.

  19. I've been in Nexusmine for a week now, made a couple of withdrawals without issue. Biggest concerns is the Maxhash rate, currently is has a maxhash rate of 1,950 and it's used 1,137 in 37 days. The current burn rate to reach the max is going up quickly and could possibly reach the max by Tue/Thur….. What happens next is the biggest question?!?!?!. I've emailed Nexusmine and use FB messenger to contact support a few days and heard nothing back. Apparently no feedback from support as I went looking on their Facebook page and a common thing from users. Is the Nexusmine train coming to the end of the line? I really hope not.

    On their Facebook page people have been mentioning this site ( which runs/operates the same – same error messages and feel in a way. I joined up on a 4 days ago and made one withdrawal of £10 without issue, testing the water. It is offering 10% returns, you get free 100Gh/s, you can make 1 payout every 24 hours, etc. – see what i mean. There's info on it and take a look, you'll see what I mean about the similarities between Nexusmine and Bitcyne.

    Proceed with caution – high risk/high rewards sites.

  20. 구독안하면프사미래니아들임

    nexusmine<Investment period is several days??

  21. so how do they make money? why don't they just mine for themselves, I don't get it..?

  22. Nexusmine is obviously a scam, you'll be making money off people that will mostly lose their money, you really shouldn't do what you're doing.
    Greed is ugly already, don't make it worse for people, especially the new ones.

  23. Hi Nerdy , I got into this awhile ago and forgot about it . I have 4 coins but im not sure what it is , can you investigate into it , I give ya my referal link but you dont have to use it , just let me know what you think its about , its called R2B coin.

  24. I like Nexus big time .

  25. Thanks man

  26. To set up a LIMITED COMPANY in UK, anyone can (uk resident) . It costs £25 ($30) I know this because I registered BITCOIN BLITZ LMT


    Company number 11430951
    definitely a scam , there is only 1 person registered, so the "joint partner, ceo,cfo) is bullshit.

    1 officer / 0 resignations
    CARROLL, Michael
    and the "company offices" is a scruffy looking terraced house (google street view)
    Correspondence address
    45 Henry Road, Chelmsford, United Kingdom, CM1 1RG

    no VAT number,
    Incorporated 25 June 2018 (2 Months Old)
    People Michael Carroll
    Shareholders 1 shareholder
    Confirmation No previous confirmation statement.
    No previous accounts
    Classification • Other information service activities n.e.c. (63990)
    Activity Unreported
    SME Size Unreported
    VAT Number Unreported

    100% SCAM……………. BE CAREFUL…………………………..

  27. Bro this looks like aurora cloud ming way back when after a month or so it went bust lol

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