Moe’s Intro To Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

Moe’s Intro To Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

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No Information contained on this stream constitutes legal, investment, tax, accounting, or
other advice of any kind. Moe is merely a hobby investor in cryptocurriencies, and is sharing
what he does with his own money. Interested parties should conduct their own investigation
and analysis of any opportunity and should seek their own financial, legal, regulatory, tax,
and other professional advice, before spending their money.

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  1. stick to gaming, your crypto videos are cringe worthy cause you know nothing.

  2. Midnight Austin

    tell me how r u married n still act like a kid?

  3. Fuck you cunts .. how can i get banned this far cunt

  4. Fuck you cunts




  8. Take my binance referral 🙂

  9. It's 200k people in this discord channel for pump coins

  10. Giada Cremonesi

    I really love your channel Moe, more videos like this plz!! What percentage of my net worth should I have in bitcoins at the moment? Also, could you help me decide whether I should invest in this Crypto Debit Card ICO. Looks like the the next Monaco or TenX. Id be happy if it reaches even half the price Monaco reached a month after launch. Let me know. Here’s the link to their page

  11. Kill yourself

  12. Bato - CSGO & more!

    Bitconnect is down! Thank you for making people lose alot of money and you win a lot from Referals.

  13. Lmao "Bitcoin investor" get a life Moe. You are new to coins so you shouldn't call yourself Bitcoin investor when you don't shit about it.

  14. nah you need think more before you do anything

  15. Robert van Dijk

    You were stupid to sell so much at that low price. You are even more dumb if you decide to keep the bitcoin forever. Bitcoin has bad technology. I dont believe it has so much value in 5 years.. Better invest in Ripple or Verge 🙂

  16. I always knew you were a fucking moron, but after watching this video, and you throwing away TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, now I know for sure. Thanks for confirming your low-IQ with this video."planning on doing alot more of these as i believe that alot of ppl are interested in this topic and just dont know how to get started" I hope people stay away from any advice you have after watching this video because you'll probably lose other people millions of dollars like you lost yourself.

    You should be around $40,000,000 IN BTC by now. You fucked up LMAO.

  17. 10:42 right yes sir! so I gambled thousands of btcs 5 years ago and I got into crypto 5 months ago (mining) I started trading Altcoins 5 days ago and I have invested little over 500$ … now im at 2k + in some days ill put serious money inside and go bezerk cuz u can get rich more on altcoins then on btc right now and mainstream media is pumping altcions to the top so….

  18. Let’s go buy a Lamborghini

  19. My brother is into this type of things he just got done buying a Corvette from Bitcoin

  20. bitconnect is a ponzi scheme – vitalek buterin

    fuck you moe dumb nigger

  21. Invest in what john mcafee promotes because he makes the coins go up a shit ton

  22. Dogecoin is good aswell

  23. We're past the time to invest. I invested about a month or 2 ago back when Litecoin was 90 a piece and I sold my litecoins when they went up to 430 a piece (Canadian Dollar) it was pretty solid but for the last 2 or 3 weeks it has just stagnated. I think if you didn't get in on this a month or two ago you're definitely too late.

  24. Bitcoin is badd invest in other coins

  25. Kasper Vanstrate

    siacoin is gonna rise a lot and there are so many coins with potential and you miss the most but you are still a shrimp in the crypro world

  26. Stiaan Wolfaardt

    320 bitcoin holy shit

  27. Bitcoins gonna crash bro your wasting your time it’s had it’s toll at 18k

  28. hahaha seriously? Do not act like your a smart investor. Everybody who invested in bitcoin had luck. Bitcoin is such a virgin market. Looking forward to seeing the downfall now 2018

  29. Hahahahaha whatever you guys do, do not listen to this guy!

  30. Should have sold your 9 bitcoins ^^ 😀

  31. i'm in ! HashFlare pays daily .. mining BitCoin . reinvest – compounding interest is powerful!

  32. MONTREAL / QUEBEC area has cheap electricity for mining, or buy solar panels (won't make money short run, but long term will and possible tax breaks from using clean energy) also make a business so you only get taxed the 15% corporate tax. I STRONGLY suggest that you get a personal financial advisor (I live in the GTA and know a few if you live in the area) if you plan on going big into it. You could also likely find 3 other people that could invest with you to build the mine for possible higher gains (more diverse mining portfolio = higher possible gain, only if you are mining more than just BTC /LTC. AKA some alt coin mining.

  33. Riple coins u cucks

  34. I spent like $400 on creptocurrency last week (first time ever messing with it). I'm already up. Im not up much but I'm still up.
    I have
    1/2 a litecoin
    148 Ripple Coins
    7000 Bytecoins
    620 BitAir coins
    1400 Tron coins.
    This is $400 I'm ok with losing. These coins will most likely sit here and wont do much for 2-5 years for me and I'm ok with it. If you're ok with losing the money you put into cryptocurrency then why not make the small investment and say a least you tried. Don't be the person who did not try while others did and made money

  35. David Sanchez

    Bitcoin is set and it's difficult to get at least one bitcoin.

  36. Moe fuck u

  37. bitt rex… no

    bit trex

  38. You're fucking kids' minds. Most people will not make money doing this. You need incredible control of your mind and discipline. Not to mention the average Joe will get crushed trying to trade.

  39. m0e, you have 2.6 coins, you know nothing about cryptocurrency you are a braindead sperg.

  40. Moe if you want too invest in a good altcoin here is substratum its based on decentralizing the web and the beta is coming out the end of december – beginning of january.

  41. ViVaoscar 456

    love it

  42. Markus Pancaro

    0:090:13 meme review meme review

  43. sergey sergeevich

    🌿MEJOR INVEST-PROYECTO 2015-2017 años
    🌿5 NIVELES EN EL PROGRAMA DE REFERIDOS: 25%-10%-10%-5%-5%


    320 btc today would be worth 6030398.40 US dollar

  45. bitcoin is the worst cryptocurrency get you're hands on some robux and then we'll talk

  46. Костя Лященко

    Hi to everyone! сool video. promocode @Babic for i've dropped skin Bayonet Marble Fade from case FADEGUN for cs:go. also gives $10 🙂

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