Local Bitcoins Review – How To Buy Bitcoin Locally? *TUTORIAL INSIDE*

Local Bitcoins Review – How To Buy Bitcoin Locally? *TUTORIAL INSIDE*

== Subscribe https://goo.gl/Lb27Cv ==

Create your free account to buy bitcoin here: https://blockxglobal.com/go/localbitcoins

Once you’re all signed up, you can join our margin trading signals group no charge. Just follow the directions below and you can take part in our bitcoin challenge: How to go from 0.25 btc to 1 btc in a few weeks!

To take part in the 0.25 to 1 btc challenge follow the steps below:

1 – Create an account on Bitmex: https://www.bitmex.com/register/oKoBtm

2 – Get registered for the challenge at: http://BlockXGlobal.com

You’ll also get some free tracking tools and resources when you register at Block X Global

3 – Join our free bitmex signals channel here: https://t.me/BitmexSyndicate

4 – If you have any questions reach out on Telegram @WhoIsDanBrown

Sign up takes less than 30 seconds and we are going to be running these challenges every few weeks depending on volatility in the market.

All trades will be executed on Bitmex.

Get a Pro account on Trading View here: http://blockxglobal.com/go/tradingview/

Here is the interactive chart you can take a look at any time:

Thanks for watching and looking forward to seeing you inside the challenge!


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  1. How do they protect those ID's submitted to them? What's the guarantee that they will keep it protected? If I give them a copy of FRONT AND BACK of my ID, that they'll protect it with all their lives.

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