Live bitcoin mining farm Chengdu China

Live bitcoin mining farm Chengdu China

Register trip to Dubai China farming farm.

explaination FREE get btc

indonesia top leader , japan, Germany , South Africa, and South Korea


  1. Damjan Slapnik

    Hello, please read help for me, thank you. here click:

  2. These Asic S9 will only last 2 years.

  3. DM Productions

    1890 a farm is used to storage cattle like pigs sheep and cows 2017 a farm is used to farm fake money using over 900 gtx 1080ti…… what are people doing with their life

  4. and it is not only btc…there are over 1000 altcoins… maybe that ufo news are true…this kind of human cannot save without humanoids

  5. this is maybe dumbest innovation of human kind. to spend enourmous amount of electricity to get fake money =)

  6. Kalter Krieger

    I hope this blubble burst soon…. complete nonsense to waste energy for such a crap.

  7. Awesome setup! Wonder how much this cost all in all?


  9. welcome to the cancer agency

  10. overlycreative1

    I hope everyone in there is considering wearing earplugs soon.

  11. Brillianth Ianth

    nomer hp ente brp mas

  12. kingofthepaupers

    Jct: Creating the chips to spend based on wasted computer time that other suckers will take like it's based on a useful time creating products and services. Har har har. Give me a real LETS timebank any day, Interest-free Community currency doesn't need crypto to sail flawlessly over the past 30 years.

  13. mining dengan asic melahirkan pertambangan2 besar yg mulai melanggar visi bitcoin ( desentralisasi )

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